The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is an idea taken from other Civic Trusts which encourages their residents to make comments or give opinions on their environment.

Any resident wishing to propose an item for inclusion as one of the categories should send their suggestions to A photograph would be welcome but is not essential.

The Good can be anything that is pleasing, either abstract such as a community service or visual such as a well designed shop window display or a pleasing landscape feature.

The Bad, again can be abstract or visual, such as a lack of car parking or a poorly designed road layout are an example of each.

The Ugly is very much a visual aspect, examples of which can be derelict land/buildings, overgrown landscapes, features not in keeping with the local area.

Listed below are two examples of each category submitted so far by members of the public.

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The Good

1. Memorial to “Jack”, a young man from Littleborough who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

Photograph: Memorial plaque to Jack

2. Sympathetic restoration of Birch Hill clock tower.

Photograph: Birch Hill Tower


The Bad

1. Lack of car parking in Littleborough.

Picture: P for parking sign

2. Water trough at the bottom of Blackstone Edge Old Road.
This was a nice feature, planted with flowers but has become neglected and overgrown.

Photograph: Water Trough


The Ugly

1. Smithy Bridge pub falling into disrepair and attracting vandals.

Photograph: Smithy Bridge pub

2. Vape shop on Hare Hill Road. Frontage not in keeping with area.

Photograph: Frontage of Vape shop

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