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Chairwoman: Judith Schofield, 4, Bottoms, Crag Vale. 01422 885173

Vice Chairman: John Street, Calder Cottage. 01706 378043

Secretary: Mark Ascough, Milbury Drive, Smithybridge. Tel. 01706 374257

Treasurer: Peter Jackson, 8 Chelburn View, Littleborough. Tel. 01706 373112

Membership Secretary: Lincoln Jackson, 1 Moorfield View, Shore. Tel. 01706 370542

Minutes Secretary: Chris Wilkinson, 3, Fair View, Littleborough. 01706 374020

Editor: Anne Lawson, 81, Todmorden Road. Tel. 01706 379604


Dan Docker, (Contact via Chairwoman)
Michael Farrell, 41 Hollingworth Road. Tel. 370154
Don Pickis, Lightowlers. Tel. 378849.
Betty Pickis, Lightowlers. Tel. 378849.
Jill Roberts, 10 Townhouse Road. Tel. 377382
Rae Street, Calder Cottage. Tel. 378043
Joe Taylor, 136a Market Street, Whitworth. Tel. 344711

Please pass on any suggestions that you have about the Trust and its work to any of the above.


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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our members! I hope you have had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas, and are looking forward to an eventful and energetic I997. Could one of your New Year’s resolutions be to become an active member of Littleborough Civic Trust. to make your mark on your environment, and help yourself and your locality in any number of ways ??

Already there are several projects being planned; the Fred Jackson Millennium Project is a really interesting way to get involved in your community and learn a great deal about it’s past at the same time (see the article below by John Street); we are in the early planning stages of a major project to mark National Spring Clean in April, cleaning up and improving an area at the top of Shore Road (see the article below), and if walking is more your style, don’t forget to check the Footpath Group's walks list - you will be very welcome to come along and discover what makes our area so special.

And don’t forget, if you have any queries/gripes/questions about anything to do with our environment, or simply want to get more involved, then get in touch with any member of the Committee as listed above.




The item below gives details of the progress of the Fred Jackson Millennium Project. For those who have not heard of Fred Jackson, or how the project came to be, the background. briefly, is this: Fred Jackson (1861-1946) was a keen local historian, and produced papers on Littleborough’s early history, as well as taking photographs of local scenes and working people. His material was printed in the 1920’s/30’s in the Rochdale Observer.

The millennium project’s aim is to produce a hard-backed book of around 450 pages, the first half containing Fred’s material, and the second part bringing Littleborough up to date for the start of the Millennium. There will be many colour illustrations and diagrams, and the finished work will be a fascinating series of "snapshots" of Littleborough.


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Dear Friend,

It was always planned that a Newsletter would be a key element in keeping everyone informed of this project. It will start in 1997 (March and then quarterly). Meanwhile much has happened since the project started in June 1996; we have 20+ volunteers already helping so here is a year-end summary.


1. To print an accurate copy of the local history papers published by Fred Jackson - "Snapshots from History of Littleborough" (1943). This project is already progressing well, and cost, format etc. are generally agreed. There appear to be no major problems and a full report will come with the first Newsletter.

2. To produce a handsome, hard-backed book, to celebrate the Millennium. provisionally called "A Snapshot Local History of Littleborough". The first half of the book will use much of the material in the Jackson papers, covering the period when people first lived in the Littleborough area, up to 1920 (approx.). The main changes will be:

a) to reorder the material to make a coherent story.

b) to edit the material including supplementary information where this is needed.

c) the addition of photographs old and new, diagrams, maps and illustrations, so that the reader in the year 2000 can walk out to see what remains of our local history on the ground.

The theme of "snapshots" will be followed up from where Fred stops to the year 2000.

This is an ambitious project with many areas for discussion and decision in l997. However the aim today is to make the book available at £6-£8 per copy despite the first estimates of a normal commercial sale price of more than double this figure.


We have provisional costings for the above activity of £11,550. The first Newsletter should contain more detailed costs. However, we have had (subject to confirmation) a grant of £500 from the Pennine Township Fund, so we have started work. It is encouraging that Rochdale Chamber of Commerce are supporting us and are going to promote a scheme of industrial and commercial sponsorship. This will be backed up by an individual sponsorship scheme later this year. Other sources have already indicated a successful start will attract further significant funds. The Lions have agreed to promote 3 or 4 events to raise funds and these will need everyone’s backing. Add a modest return from book sales to the above actions and we have no difficulty in financing the project. We are arranging that any surplus income should go to an agreed activity or charity. All contributions to this project are voluntary. Communication: We are delighted that the Rochdale Observer (who printed many of Fred Jackson’s original papers) have indicated that they will support our Millennium effort. A plan for 1997 is being discussed. We have also had a generous outlet on local radio and the door is open to spread the word again when we are ready.


We are delighted that the Rochdale Observer (who printed many of Fred Jackson’s original papers) have indicated that they will support our Millennium effort. A plan for 1997 is being discussed. We have also had a generous outlet on local radio and the door is open to spread the word again when we are ready.

Picture: Colourful montage of hands going up to volunteer

How you can help:

Some people who read this report are already helping, either with administration or material or editing etc. There will be many more requests throughout this year!

We have created 2 page biographies on Fred Jackson (1861-1946) and Gordon Harvey (1858-1922). These two men were inextricably linked in a lifetime of local work and leisure. We probably have access to the few official memoirs and associated publications, but there are still large gaps in our knowledge. Do you know anyone who knew them (yes, such people are still around), or knew of them, or have photographs or documents referring to them or any other material ? Above all, we need the anecdotal and human background. Please contact John Street (378043).

* We are going to need material on the history, growth and current position of the following areas; farming, transport (footpaths, railways, canals, roads etc.), urban growth and population, and industrial, small business and commercial activity.

* We need an update on the existing material on the pubs and inns of Littleborough, on the history of the schools and churches.

* We need brief histories of our clubs and societies and other organisations.

These are first thoughts, but please do not hang back if you want to share in the action, or have ideas or material. This is a story about the people of Littleborough, so everyone can help - we have an editorial board to assist you, and many of the topics will start with a contribution from Fred !!

Here are a few contact points:

John Street, Vice Chairman Littleborough Civic Trust,
Calder Cottage,
Hare Hill Rd,
Littleborough OL15 9HG Telephone 378043

George Kelsall - Bookshop

Tom Warburton - Lions (fundraising)

Councillor Allen Booth (all aspects)

John Kay - Molesworths (legal or commercial matters)

John Street


Littleborough Civic Trust’s 25 Year Celebrations

The following article appeared in the Rochdale Observer on November 6th 1996, following our Tree-planting Evening:

"Littleborough Civic Trust remembered its roots when members planted a tree in the Coach House garden to mark the group’s 25th anniversary. A plaque was mounted on the garden wall, and was followed by a meeting. Founder member Don Pickis gave an outline of work the trust had done, including the founding of the Hollingworth Lake Country Park, working with groups from Todmorden to restore the Steanor Bottom Toll House, and setting up the Rochdale Canal Society. He also gave a special mention to the tireless work of the Footpath Society.

Rae Street, who was chairwoman for 10 years in the trust’s early days, told about the day-to-day work of running the trust and about some of the present activities. She also mentioned the work of the Beautiful Littleborough Society set up in the l920’s by Fred Jackson and Gordon Harvey. Plans are now in progress to update Mr Jackson’s work in a new book to mark the start of the new millenium. Current chairman Judith Schofield thanked everyone for their support and encouragement."

B. Pickis.



Since the last Newsletter, there has been another Rights of Way Forum meeting in Rochdale, which raised a number of interesting points. There will shortly be a public inquiry over the proposed diversion of the footpath at the Lydgate lnn. The Open Spaces Society representative was impressed with our case on Footpath 123 and will support us at any subsequent inquiry. We were also shown plans for a Rochdale Way medium distance footpath.

Finally members may note from the following programme of walks that our recent appeals for more leaders have produced a good response this time round, and we are delighted to welcome them to the helm! The Winter Programme was drawn up at a meeting of the Footpath Group in November. We would be delighted to have more members contributing walks and ideas, so please note that the next meeting will be on Tuesday 18th February at the Council Offices, Harehill Park at 8.00pm.

Sunday 5th JANUARY Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm or Lawflat 1.45pm
Leader - Geoff Sutcliffe
Ring Lows Lane - Lobden - Stid Fold

Distance - 4.5/5 miles

Sunday 19th JANUARY Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm
Leader - Michael Farrell
Ealees - Booth Hollings - Knowl Farm

Distance - 5 miles

Sunday 2nd FEBRUARY Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm, cars to Royd Lane
Leader - Mike Rankin
Ripponden Circular

Distance - 5 miles

Sunday 16th FEBRUARY Meet Littleborough Square 1.45pm
Leader - Joe Taylor
Calderbrook Circular

Distance - 5 miles

Sunday 2nd MARCH Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm, — cars to Hebden Bridge (re-grouping at the Hole in the Wall at 2.00pm)
Leader - Helen Bray
Midgehole - Pecket Well - Old Town

Distance - 5 miles

Sunday 16th MARCH Meet Littleborough Square 1.45pm.
Stubley Mill - Clegg Hall - Hollingworth Lake
Leader - Geoff Sutcliffe

Distance - 5 miles

Sunday 30th MARCH (EASTER SUNDAY). No organised walk.
Contact Michael Farrell (370154) for possible informal walk.

Sunday l3th APRIL Meet Littleborough Square 1.15pm
Guest Leader - John B Taylor
"Just Past Water"

Distance - 6 miles

Sunday 27th APRIL Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm, Cars to Leeming
Leader - Michael Farrell
Oxenhope Moor Circular

Distance - 5.5 miles


Footpath Maps

Cartoon of footpath map

Soon after it was formed, the Footpath Group came into possession of a large scale map of the Whitworth, Wardle, Littleborough and Milnrow areas. This, I understand was the definitive right of way map of the Littleborough Council, and all the public rights of way, together with the relevant footpath numbers, were marked on it. With constant usage, it was getting into a dilapidated condition, and a discussion took place on what to do with it and where to keep it. It was agreed that I should keep it at the, shop, where it would be available for anyone who wanted to look at it - and that is where it has been for the last twenty years, with many people consulting it, and some borrowing it to check out the correct line of a footpath.

I usually take it to the Footpath Group meetings, and I was under the impression that everyone knew where it was. We also had copies made of all the public rights of way in Littleborough, together with the footpath numbers, and twelve members of the Footpath Group acquired these for their personal use. If anyone is interested enough, I have a spare set, from which they could have copies made.

Lincoln Jackson.


The Superloo is coming to Littleborough

Photograph: A Superloo

No longer in the pipeline, it is rumoured - more than rumoured - that the Superloo is on its way to Littleborough and will soon be installed in the Square. After considerable consideration as to the siting of this exciting new facility, taking into account cost, the necessary pipework, aesthetics, environment and so on, those responsible have done a U-bend turn and are now flushed with success, having decided to demolish the existing toilet block and site the black and gold, cast iron, self—cleaning convenience in its place.

Spending a penny - or maybe 10p with inflation - will now give the people of Littleborough not only cleaner, more hygienic and hopefully more comfortable surroundings, but may also provide the odd moment of entertainment, as when my mother tried out a Superloo in France in the summer; having achieved a rather nervous entry into the object, (with the unhealthy belief that this loo might not like the English and could start the self-cleaning process with her still inside), she pushed a handle thinking to lock the door . . . this was the emergency exit mechanism, which swung the door wide open . . . .

Not only might the new loo enhance the look of the Square, (we are told it is a replica of the loos in Chester’s conservation areas, and therefore aesthetically acceptable), it might also serve to slow the traffic down.



National Spring Clean 18th — 27th April

Over five million hands helped to physically clean up their environment last year -you could help this year's campaign by making it bigger and better than ever before!! All you need do is take part in the 1997 National Spring Clean running from 18th until 27th April and get a grip on the litter in your area.

Litter is of concern to everyone - it mars our streets, our parks and countryside and it is up to communities to work together and help combat this problem. Ten thousand four hundred tonnes of litter was collected in the 1996 clean-tip» how much do you think is in your area?

You have seen the overflowing bins in the high street, the chewing gum trodden into our pavements, the fast food and sweet wrappers offending the parks and playgrounds. National Spring Clean motivates groups to get together to help remove this unsightly litter and have some fun at the same time ! Last year the=2.6 million participants ranged from individuals, schools and local community groups to local authorities, companies, voluntary groups and many more. Events have included straight forward litter-picks, fancy dress litter-picks and even abseiling, canoeing and diving litter collections !! Anything goes — as long as the litter goes!

The clean-up is not only fun but rewarding at the same time. Why not use the campaign as a team-building exercise or just a chance to do something for your local environment ? You can also get publicity for your ‘environmentally friendly’ organisation by creating an imaginative event that could be used in your local paper - the benefits are numerous.

All you have to do is pin-point a ’grot spot’ in your area that is in desperate need of attention and contact Tidy Britain Group who will provide a free clean-up kit including plastic tabards to keep you clean and dry, lots of clean-up ideas, posters and everything you need to stage a successful event. All that you need to do is to find some helping hands, enthusiasm and energy ! Over 500 local authorities registered for action last year, so contact them for help and ideas as well.

It must be remembered that litter clogs up our environment all year round and a 10-day campaign such as National Spring Clean can help begin to solve this big problem. National Spring Clean highlights the Country’s litter problems, but it is an attitude change, and constant effort all year round that is needed to solve our litter problem. You can help make that change - get involved now.

To order your clean-up kit ring the Hotline number on 0990 885577.

Drawing: Poster advertising spring clean



As part of the National Spring Clean, Littleborough Civic Trust will be undertaking a major clean-up, with tree planting, path creation and flower planting up Shore Road (opposite the War Memorial). The SHORREHURST PROJEC T ("hurst" is Saxon for a clump of trees !) will be in two phases - Phase 1 is the actual clean-up, which will take place in April, while Phase 2 will involve the rest. of the project’s aims, hopefully with cooperation from R.M.B.C, by the end of the year.

John Street.

Dates, times and venues will be advertised nearer the time for the project - and any other activities that we undertake. Check your Spring Newsletter, the Observer, and local shops for details.



Editor: Anne Lawson