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Chairman: Keith Parry, 3, Prospect Street. Tel.79883.

Vice Chairwoman: Betty Pickis, Lightowlers, Blackstone Edge. Tel. 78849

Secretary: Bernard Harrison, Tumblin' Croft, Paul Row. Tel. 78013.

Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Beryl Heywood, 27, Howarth Street. Tel. 73476

Minutes Secretary: Rita Kay, 2, Lodgeville, Rakewood Road. Tel. 79573

Newsletter Editor: Michael Farrell, 41 Hollingworth Road, Littleborough. Tel. 70154

Please pass on any suggestions that you have about the Trust and its work to any of the above.




This first newsletter of 1983 sees a change of editor. Roy Prince, who has held this position for the past six years, has handed over to Michael Farrell. I am sure that everyone in the Trust would like to thank Roy for his work with the newsletter. He remains in charge of its production. I do not intend to make any radical changes but I would like more contributors. I wrote my first article in 1978 and I am still its newest contributor.



The Coach House Trust funds benefitted to the tune of £60 from a special performance of Dearnley Parent Teacher's latest mammoth music event "Money, Money, Money" and a Grand Auction added an impressive £230.

Fundraising events in the near future include another Ploughman's Lunch at Littleborough Cricket Club on April 10th and a second "Evening at the Races" on April 23rd. Draw Tickets are now on sale (for instance at George Kelsall's Bookshop) - yet another way of boosting the project's funds. The social events are always popular and the Draw could win you the first prize of £50. The Coach House Project needs your support - and deserves it.

The Trust's pre-occupations for the coming year were outlined at the A.G.M.:

1. Hollingworth Lake. 3. Swimming Pool.
2. Traffic & Parking. 4. Greater Manchester Council.



For some years now due to the imposition of no-waiting, first on Church Street then on Hare Hill Road, and lastly on Victoria St. parking for shoppers and people working in the centre of Littleborough has been very limited. The parking restrictions imposed seem to have created more problems than they have solved and the result has been frustration for shoppers coming in cars, at not being able to find a parking space, and despair by local shopkeepers at the resultant loss of trade.

In an effort to make things easier the traders have made the following proposals to the Borough Engineers Department.

1. That the Council should begin urgent negotiations with the Trustees of Victoria Street Methodist Chapel, with a view to re-establishing the car park there.

2. To make Victoria Street one-way from Hare Hill Road to Todmorden Road and allow parking on both sides of the street.

3. Allow limited waiting on the Barclays Bank side of Church Street.

4. Investigate the possibility of acquiring ground on Victoria Stret near the Coach House for use as a car park.

5. Erect signs indicating the presence of the car park on Peel Street and the fact that it is for public use.




The Committee received an invitation to attend the Rochdale Civic Society's A.G.M. I went along and was warmly received and handed a glass of sherry. The meeting was held at Rochdale Art Gallery in the same room as pictures displayed on B.B.C.2's "Riverside" earlier that night.

About 50 people attended the meeting, a fair proportion of whom were guests. The Mayor as Chairman of the meeting raced through the agenda at breakneck speed.

The Secretary's Report which was printed and circulated amongst those present mentioned heavy lorries and tipping - two problems we have been concerned with in the past two years.

After the election of officials Miss Rothwell from the Civic Trust for the North West gave an illustrated talk about the work of the Trust and its triumphs.

The next speaker was Mr. H. Stanley who gave a well-received speech calling for greater co-operation with the planning department, other civic societies and the people of Rochdale in general.

Anyone wishing to join Rochdale Civic Society should contact Mrs. Jean Bently, 9 Moorgate Avenue, Rochdale, Tel. 46885.


* * * * * * * * * * *


In order to make it easier for you to pay your subscriptions Pauline Hopkinson, Tom and Thelma Dawson, and Dorothy Jay, will be calling on you some time in the future.



The Society is now established in its new head-quarters at the Community Centre (the former Day Nursery) on Town House Road and members and others attending meetings are finding it useful to be able to consult the Society's books and historical records which are stored on the premises.

The monthly meetings have not been attended as well as we would have liked in spite of there having been some good speakers on a variety of interesting subjects. With the coming of the lighter nights and, we hope, better weather perhaps people may once again start to venture out in the evening and support the programme which has been arranged for the Spring months.

Photograph: The front of the Forgotten Valley book.

On Thursday 10th March, Mr. J. Ashworth and Mr. K. Sandiford of Bury will be speaking on "The Forgotten Valley". (This is the Cheesden Valley going over towards Edenfield, which houses the remains of early industry.) On Thursday April 14th there will be an open meeting when the Society's collection will be on display. Meetings of this kind are usually well attended and popular. Then on Thursday 12th May it is the Society's Annual General Meeting at which all members are asked to attend. All meetings start at 8.00pm.

It is proposed to hold an evening walk on Thursday 19th May, meeting at Stubley Hall at 7.00pm and going by way of Dearnley Hall, Starring and Shore Hall, finishing at the King William at about 9.15pm. An evening trip to Helmshore Industrial Museum is also planned for Thursday 9th June, anyone wishing to go on this please let me have your name as soon as possible. Hoping to see you at the meetings.




As some of you may be aware I have been devising and walking a number of long distance walks, the High Gates Way for one. Another which I have been considering for some time has been a walk round the Rochdale M.B.C. boundary - a distance of about 50 miles. It is in my opinion a better walk than the Calderdale in as much as it goes through less built up areas. In fact, the only bit of note is around Heap Bridge. I have now got two routes planned and after some four years, I have finally got round to walking one of them.

In walking these routes, I have come across a great many blockages, some old friends of many years, others new ones. Counting the ones I have found today (10/2/83) I have come across 39 so far this year. Is this a record, 39 footpath blockages in 3 days?

Leeds Country Way

With the recent opening of the Southern Section the above 69 miles walk around Leeds is now officially open throughout. An information pack with route sheets, maps, and public transport guide is available from The Countryside Unit, Recreation and Arts Division, West Yorkshire County Council, County Hall, WAKEPIELD, WF1 12W.

The Friends of the Lake District have lodged a strong protest against plans to afforest 370 acres of land near the head of the Duddon Valley, mainly with conifers.

In Kent the Ministry of Defence is proposing to use the 600 acres of beautiful countryside near the North Downs village of Luddensdown for "tactical military training including mine laying”. The Ramblers Association has lodged a strong protest as there are several public rights of way in the area including the Weald Way.




The Footpath Group wishes its members a Happy New Year. Attendances for the first four walks have been encouraging, with 11 people braving the terrible weather on January 30th. We hope attendances will increase (and blockages will decrease!) as 1983 progresses.

This programme was drawn up at two meetings, by members of the Footpath Group; we would be delighted to let other members contribute walks and ideas. There will be a meeting at the Council Offices, on 17th May, 8.00pm to decide the programme for the rest of the year. Please come along.

FEBRUARY 27th. Leader JOHN HINDLE. Meet at Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre at 1.45pm.
Roadfield Farm - Newfield - Tunshill Lane - Annis Hill - Rakewood Road.

Distance 5 miles.

Silhouette of walker

MARCH 13th. Leader - LINCOLN JACKSON. Meet in Littleborough Square at 1.45pm.
Canal Towpath - Shott Wood - Pasture House - Turn Slack.

Distance 5 miles.

MARCH 27th. Leader - MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet in Littleborough Square for 1.30pm
bus to Gauxholme.
Stones Wood Mill - Foulclough Road - Claypots Hill - Clough Road.

Distance 6 miles

APRIL 10th. Meet Littleborough Square at 9.30am.
Mytholm Church - Moorcock Hill - Walshaw Reservoir - Higher Marsfield House -
Hebden Bridge.

Distance 13 miles

APRIL 24th. Leader - HELEN BRAY. Meet Littleborough Square 12.40pm for bus to
Ripponden to Littleborough via Ryeburn Valley and Roman Road.

MAY 6th. Leader JOHN - HINDLE. Meet Littleborough Square 8.30am. Cars to Grassington.
Grassington to Buckden (Dales Way).

Distance 14 miles.

Wednesday 11th. MAY. Leader - ROY PRINCE. Meet Square 7.00pm.
(Please try to attend this experimental walk which went down well on May 16th 1979).
Fielden Square - Honey Hole - Lumbutts.

Distance 4 miles.

MAY 22nd. Leader - MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet Square for 1.50pm. bus to Summit.
Lower Chelburn Reservoir - Castle Lane - Light Hazzles Reservoir - Light Hazzles Farm - Canal Towpath.

Distance 6 miles.

JUNE 5th. Leader RICHARD EVANS. Meet Square 2.00pm.
Canal Towpath - Owl Hill - Peanock - Turnough - Ealees.

Distance 5 miles.

JUNE 12th. Leader JOE TAYLOR. Meet Square 9.30am.
Wycoller Circular.

JULY 3rd. Leader LINCOLN JACKSON. Meet at the King William IV Inn, Shore.
Middlewood - East Hill - Long Causeway - Turn Slack – Ratcliffe Hill - Shore.

Distance 5 miles.

JULY 17th. Leader JOE TAYLOR. Meet Square 1.45pm.
Denshaw Circular.

JULY 31st. Leader RICHARD EVANS. Meet Square 10.00am.
Pendle Circular.



Drawing: Fountain Pen

I would like to use these end pages as a channel between the Committee and the members we serve. I am sure you all have some queries concerning the Trust and the way in which it functions. Therefore, while I will still be receiving articles of the usual type, I would be pleased to accept any short notes along the following lines:

  1. Any questions to ask of the Committee or of particular members on it.
  2. Requests to know official Littleborough Civic Trust opinion on a particular matter.
  3. Any warnings you feel you need to impart.
  4. Any criticisms - these are particularly welcome.
  5. Any queries on historical, walking or environmental matters.
  6. Any information you would like to pass on - reports on events, amusing tales etc.
  7. Responses to letters or articles that have appeared in a previous newsletter.

Letters and notes can be sent to me or left at Mr. L. Jackson1s store "The Bargain Corner" on Harehill Road.

To start the ball rolling, I have noticed a number of enquiries concerning Footpath Law and so have decided to re-print a very informative article on the subject by John Hindle which first appeared in the newsletter of summer 1979.



In the country it is either a footpath or a bridleway. The path must be used as part of a bona fide journey, i.e. to get from A to B and if it is not used in this way the user is deemed to be trespassing.

If one wishes to find out if a certain path is a public right of way, one has the right to inspect the definitive map at the local Council Office. Littleborough's, along with the rest, are now at the Planning Department at Rochdale. A public right of way does not cease to exist because it is not used - once a highway, always a highway.

Photograph: Blocked footpath

As many of us are aware, motor bikes are sometimes ridden over public paths. This is illegal as is there use by cars. Gates and stiles on paths are the responsibility of the owner, but the highway authority must contribute a quarter of the cost, - more if it wishes.

If, when walking along a footpath, you come across an obstruction on the line of the public right of way, you may remove as much of it as is necessary for you to get through, but, as explained earlier, you may not go back for tools; your journey would then not be legal. But you may trespass so far as is necessary to round any obstruction. To report a blockage, all you have to do is to get in touch with the Borough Engineer's Department or report it to the Civic Trust.


Our thanks to:
Keith Parry for the cover design.
Mrs. Farrell for typing the stencils.
All contributors and distributors.

Editor: Roy Prince