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The newsletter editor is always pleased to receive contributions to be considered for inclusion. The views expressed in the newsletter do not necessarily reflect official LCT policy or opinion.

It is expected that anyone who wishes to make use of any material from the newsletter will seek the approval of the editor Judith Schofield, 4, Bottoms, Crag Vale. Tel. 0422 885173


Chairman: Don Pickis, Lightowlers, Blackstone Edge. Tel. 378849

Vice Chairman: Dan Docker, 93 Church Street. 372001

Secretary: Michael Farrell, 41, Hollingworth Road. 370154

Treasurer: Geoff Sutcliffe, 14 Buckley Terrace, Wardle, Tel. 40369.

Membership Secretary: Lincoln Jackson, 1 Moorfield View, Shore. Tel. 370542

Minutes Secretary: Betty Pickis, Lightowlers. 378849.


David Hall, 6 Nelson Street
Pauline Hopkinson, 12, Glencoe Place, Rochdale. 522447
Peter Jackson, 8, Chelburn View. 373112
Roy Prince, 14 Milbury Drive, Tel. 378883.
Jill Roberts, 12 Whitfield Brow, Todmorden Road.74175
Judith Schofield, 4, Bottoms, Crag Vale. 0422 885173
Rae Street, Calder Cottage. 378043
John Street, Calder Cottage. 378043
Joe Taylor, 136a Market Street, Whitworth. 344711

Please pass on any suggestions that you have about the Trust and its work to any of the above.



This April’s A. G. M. has now almost completed the change, started at last year's A. G. M., in the membership of the Civic Trust Officials.

When Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretaries, Treasurers and Editors announce they are going to step down: Gasps!! Protestations!! Were, as always, uttered.

However, nominations do come forward and the Trust continues. Probably not quite in the same way, but, probably with some new enthusiasm, ideas, and perspectives, drawing forward some comments.

Littleborough Civic Trust has always welcomed new members and contributions in anyway, large or small . . .SO PLEASE (and how often has the newsletter urged response).... if you too can help or do wish to comment, do not hesitate to contact any committee member. We really are OPEN to new ideas, suggestions and change.



We were saddened recently to learn of the death of one of our members, MR. CARL BUTTERWORTH of Todmorden Road. He was 82 and had been ill for some time. A member of the Trust since its inception, although never an active member seeming to prefer his own company on brisk walks around the town, Mr. Butterworth was the much loved Headmaster of Littleborough Parish School for many years.

Our sympathies go out to his family.

Also, the recent death at 92 of a former member, MRS.JANET GRUNDY. An avid supporter in the 1970s and the Aunt of a former chairman, Mr. Keith Parry.

Our sympathies go out to Keith on his loss.





Walking through Hare Hill Park one early May evening, thinking about one more meeting to attend. I had been elected to the Committee of the Civic Trust and was brooding round "What do they do?" and "Of what practical use would I be? In the twilight and moving fast a tall young man came up beside me - it was Michae1 Farre11 - a keen supporter of the walking group in the Civic Trust - perhaps being fit was a main criterion for Committee Membership?

I concentrate on jogging beside him until we arrive at Hare Hill House. We go upstairs into the old Council Chamber of Littleborough U. D. C. Many of you will know this room; it is one that induces a level of history and seriousness into the atmosphere. Michael and I enter the room where it appears evident that everyone seemed to know one another, picking up immediately on some topic unfinished from the last meeting or the A.G.M. Perhaps everyone has their traditional seat in these dignified surroundings, so I slip into a vacant seat at the far end and look round warily.

Tradition takes over, the first move being to run a small gamble known as a raffle. More amazingly, I was to find that the parcel thrust into my hands upon leaving home contained THE SECRET PRIZE. Contributions are extracted from persons by a deft and ruthlessly good natured Betty Pickis (an old hand at this work), the Money raised goes towards the celebrations for the 21st anniversary of the Civic Trust to take place later this year. All members can look out for a good party!

Slightly poorer and some 3 minutes later, the Chairman Don Pickis calls us to order and seems determined to start the business. The agenda is simple, hand written on re-cycled paper so we are doing our small bit for One Earth. Initial formalities are disposed of with admirable speed - home and in bed by 10.00 pm appears to be on the cards.

Complexities start to surface, Michael Farrell has just been made Secretary and Judith Schofield has suddenly become a "volunteer" to act as Editor of the newsletter. Everyone in the society is at risk - Judith wants REAL news and the instruction is PENS AT THE READY!

A fairly large batch of correspondence on a wide range of topics is being circulated as the meeting warms up. It holds some goody for everyone so it pays to watch how far it has got round the table and I speculate idly who will comment or explode next.

We are covering a wide range of topics, mainly by brief reports from the member most involved. Jill Roberts is sitting with Judith and they are emerging as a formidable duo on a wide range of exotic topics: on the one hand, how do you structure a quiz? and on the other actions to achieve the restoration of the moor on Blackstone Edge, which has been badly scarred by the temporary access roads laid down by the Electricity Board to enable them to maintain and refurbish the pylons. We appear to have had a real effect in this latter case and people are rightly pleased.

Our new Tree Nursery is discussed and the next steps covered. The topics come thick and fast including the major excavations up the Calderbrook Road, the 15 new planning applications made during the last month in our area (which we can officially comment on and do get listened to by our authority). The depth of knowledge round the table from members like Roy Prince of the paths, roads, houses and back gardens in our area is awesome. Whilst all this goes on I have discovered Peter Jackson sitting next to me is also a new boy. It rapidly emerges that he is the gift to all society chairmen. He is retired, has a computer, has served his time in the printing trade and above all is delighted to put work into the society. Clearly his niche is technical director to Judith, the Editor! And even better he has an interest in graphics, so we could well have a smart new cover for the newsletter.

Money is always an issue in societies and the range of money raising events is reviewed — car boot sales our contribution to the Coach House fair etc. Lincoln Jackson is ourr Membership Secretary and we have a healthy 70+ paid up membership, but events are always an opportunity for more recruitment as well as raising cash. Someone had the temerity to suggest that we might use a little of the Civic Trust funds to buy a prize or two for such events ....... WOW ! ! ! !

Anyone who saw our Treasurer Geoff Sutcliffe rise to his feet and state with great clarity how this was not an appropriate use of funds, will realise that our subscriptions are in a very safe and cautious set of hands.

9.39pm has gone and Chairman and Vice-Chairman Dan Docker are moving us through a range of serious topics at a brisk trot.

Finally I was able to contribute something — a brief report on the steps that are being taken by our Local Community Council to implement the recommendations that came out of the Littleborough Feasibility study, completed some 14 months ago.

That night your Committee sat for two and a half hours, covering a great deal of serious material and were able to point to real growth points and effective contributions to our locality. As we walked out into the park (which is a lovely place) on a windless spring evening, l asked Don "Do you have a definition of the aims of the Civic Trust Society?" He of course said yes, but it might be useful to get it as a topic in our bumper newsletter that is to be part of the 21st celebrations.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two young tourists went into a Quaker Guest House in Lakeland.

As they were strangers the warden asked them "Are you Friends?"

"NO," they replied "We're married".




Since the last newsletter, we have had notification that the new footpath at Starring has been established, but its width has yet to be decided, which may necessitate a further public enquiry. Other issues giving concern at the moment are the blocking of footpath 132 at Calderbrook, the state of footpath 123 at Shore and the continuing saga of footpath 122 at Shore.


The autumn programme was drawn up at a meeting in June. We would be delighted to have more members contributing walks and ideas. The Winter/Spring programme will be drawn up at a meeting at Harehill Park Council Offices on Tuesday 17th November at 8.00 pm. Please come along; refreshments are available.





Sunday, July 12th. Leader - JOHN HINDLE. Meet Littleborough Square 9.00am.
Malham Circular.
10 miles.

Sunday, July 26th. Leader - HELEN BRAY. Meet on the Square at 1.30pm.
Hebden Bridge Circular.
5 miles.

Sunday, August 9th. Leader - GEOFF SUTCLIFFE. Meet the Square at 10.00am.
Luddenden Dean Circular.
8 miles.

Sunday, August 23rd. Leader - JOE TAYLOR. Meet on the Square 1.30 pm.
Higer Ford Circular.
7 miles.

Sunday, September 6th. Leader - MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet on Square 2.00 pm.
Owlet Hall - Summit - Temple Lane.
5 miles.

Sunday, September 20th. Leader - GEOFF SUTCLIFFE. Meet on the Square 9.00 am.
Debryshire Circular
10 miles.

Sunday, October 4th. Leader - MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet on the Square at 1.45 pm
or Hollins Road, Walsden at 2.00pm.
Walsden Moor Circular
5 miles.

Sunday, October 18th. Leader - GEOFF SUTCLIFFE. Meet on the Square at 1.30pm
or at Syke Chapel at 1.45pm.
Healey Dell Circular.
5-6 miles.

Sunday, November 1st. Leader - JOE TAYLOR. Meet on the Square at 1.30pm.
Ryburn Valley Circular.
5 miles.

Sunday, November 15th. Leader - HELEN BRAY. Meet on the Square at 1.30 pm.
Whittaker - Dry Mere Circular
4-5 miles.

Sunday, November 29th. Leader - ROY PRINCE. Meet at Hollingworht Lake Visitors' Centre at 1.45 pm.
Nicholas Pike - Piethorne Circular.
5 miles.

Sunday, December 13th. Leader - LINCOLN JACKSON. Meet on the Square at 1.30pm
or at King William IV, Shore at 1.45pm.
Watergrove Circular.
5 miles.

Sunday, December 27th. Leader - MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet on the Square at 1.30pm
Further details will be decided.


AND DONT FORGET ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Tree seeds are needed for our tree nursery. Here is an early warning for woodland walkers and strollers this Autumn. If you should be able to collect any ripe tree seeds (NOT SYCAMORE PLEASE) - HAZEL NUTS ARE ESPECIALLY WELCOME - Please forward your contributions to any committee member.



Hopefully, in future, a regular feature in the newsletter will be a summary of the salient points raised and discussed at the previous 3 months committee meetings. If any member should require more details - again - committee members will be willing to provide the information.

1. The Chairman, Secretary and Penny Anderson Associates (ECOLOGY EXPERTS), met with Calderdale and Rochdale planners alongside Yorkshire Water Authority and National Grid, to consider moorland restoration after the removal of pylon tracks.

2. The Chairman met North West Water officials following the lack of public consultation regarding the construction of an underground reservoir and the obliteration of ancient packhorse tracks at Calderbrook. He was informed by NW Water that Blackstone Edge and Ramsden Wood Reservoirs are to be closed.

3. A talk about Littleborough Civic Trust was given by Pauline Hopkinson and Judith Schofield to the Littleborough Townswomen's Guild.

4. On planning, comments were made regarding Sheilings (which is to be demolished and rebuilt) and a development of 10 houses at Holme House Street.
The Trust commented on the design and materials for the proposals at 1-4 Middle Newgate and on the proposed illuminated sign for Lo-Cost in the town centre.

5. A certificate was issued to RIFF - RAFF to congratulate them on the quality of their building.

6. Various blockages and diversion orders on footpaths at Shore. Birch Hill and Shore Mount were discussed and pursued.

7. Following a request from the Civic Trust in London for members’ addresses, an undertaking was requested that this information would not be provided to other organisations before asking members for comments (see separate article).

8. John Street reported on the progress of the proposed Development Trust following the Feasibility Study for Littleborough and the formation of a working group to look at resources, management and developments.

9. The Library is not now being moved to the High School.

10. "Litter-pick" and "Tidy-up" was arranged and successfully carried out during Environment Week by the Chairman with Walsden Printing Co. and Stansfield Hall Junior School.

11. Civic Trust ran a stall at the Coach House Fair, selling Quiz sheets, Littleborough Civic Trust Walk books and Rootrainers.

12. Fundraising for the 21st celebrations has continued with the sale of raffle tickets for Betty Pickis’ handcrafted tapestry, a Tupperware party at the Coach House and a Car Boot Sale together with various small ‘committee’ raffles.




Our next Newsletter will be a special ‘21st BIRTHDAY’ Edition. If anyone has any ideas, articles, snippets, anecdotes or pictures or drawings they could or would wish to contribute, PLEASE contact the Editor or a committee member with details before THE END OF AUGUST.



The National Civic Trust to which we are affiliated is hoping to produce a new magazine on environmental issues which will be free to readers, being funded by advertising revenue. To raise this revenue however, the Civic Trust will need to give advertisers a precise estimate of the magazine's circulation. They have therefore requested a list of members’ names and addresses from all affiliated civic societies.

The committee has decided that it cannot comply with this request without obtaining the consent of the members. We would therefore request that any member who DOES NOT wish for their details to be disclosed to the Civic Trust, to contact a committee member BEFORE Friday August 7th 1992. Otherwise their names and addresses will be forwarded for inclusion and if the project gets off t h e ground, they will then commence receiving copies of the new magazine on a regular basis.



An item in the last Newsletter stated that the Gas Council contributed £600; in fact British Gas was even more generous than this and donated £1100. This in turn enabled us to obtain a grant from the Countryside Commission of £735.


From the Parish Notices.....

"Robin Smith has asked me to draw your attention to the raffle tickets on sale in aid of The Unmarried Mothers Society for whom he is directly responsible".



Members may recall how the Civic Trust objected to the proposal to increase the height of the pylons over Blackstone Edge. As a result of the many objections the National Grid withdrew these proposals and decided instead to ‘re-furbish’ the pylon line.

The revised proposal stated - quote - "where necessary temporary access with tracks...would be used to reach the construction areas. Those temporary tracks would be removed upon completion of the work and any land damage would be fully reinstated to the landowners satisfaction".

These temporary tracks are horrendous snakes and platforms of chippings across extremely fragile moorland vegetation. English Nature fears that the depth and weight of the tracks will cause very long-term damage.

The National Grid has now 'offered’ to leave the tracks in place if the landowner so desires.

These tracks are completely alien to the vegetation, the peat and the open character of this Pennine landscape.

The Civic Trust has now located a peat expert (who advised Shell, the BBC and even the National Grid on moorland regeneration) and met National Grid Engineers together with Rochdale and Calderdale Countryside Officers and Yorkshire Water Officers.

The National Grid is now to obtain advice from this expert to ensure that the moorland is “FULLY REINSTATED ". We shall be meeting again in September to ensure that progress is being made.

This positive response is welcomed – BUT - IS IT NOT TIME THAT THESE BODIES UPHELD THEIR OBLIGATION AND COMMITMENT TO CONSERVATION DUTIES, whereby they too obtain PROPER ecological advice BEFORE embarking on such damaging operations?




Three months or so ago 1 was diagnosed as having heart failure. A shock, even though I have over the past 6/7 years had severe heart problems.

My life during this period has dwindled from being a relatively active person in the Greater Manchester Fire Service to now being a relic. A thing of the past now is manual work and my family's life has taken on a new meaning. The most that I can do now is some shopping and cooking (a thing I enjoy) with a little bit of housework thrown in.

The above title has more than one meaning for my family and myself; what could I do to occupy My time to the full? As Barbara and I discussed this new life, I realised that I had in fact realised one of my life's ambitions...A JOB WITH 6 MONTHS HOLIDAY, TWICE A YEAR.

Well, when I got over this shock and sorted myself out, then I began to think. Barbara says "Why not join the Civic Trust and you enjoy history, join the Historical Society", or something like that. So I have. When I went and joined the Historical Society Keith Parry was on duty; I went in and said "I'd like to join the rollicking relics please" Keith knowing me says "O.K. where do you want to stand?” So we had quite a laugh.

On joining the Civic Trust, I was invited to the A. G. M. by Don and Betty. The furthest thing from my mind at that point was what I would be doing today, sitting at the computer bashing out the newsletter for the Littleborough Civic Trust! However I decided to attend the A. G. M. and found some new friends. Several posts seemed available, BUT being a new boy I sat in silence. Betty Pickis had other ideas and I found myself on THE COMMITTEE alongside other eminent officials. I came away thinking "What the hell have I done? I don't know the first thing about this organisation and here I am on the Committee having only just joined".

I tentatively went along to my first meeting in May. Slinking quietly in and sitting down to await the proceedings. As the meeting progressed, various subjects and topics were discussed, then the agenda come to APPOINTMENTS. Among others the Newsletter Editors position was vacant (I sat quiet again). Judith Schofield was willing to tackle the job but only if she could have help, this I knew, was where I could be of use. So I spoke up, saying I would be willing to assist Judith, when John Street said the same thing (John I believe is a new boy too).

Hence the two of us became part of the editorial team. I kept quiet on purpose previously because I WAS A NEW BOY and didn’t know the ins and outs of the Civic Trust, although I served my apprenticeship in the printing and allied trades, attending Rochdale College of Art for 5 years.

During this period I learnt about commercial art and design by communication, alongside graphic design and sign writing; communication involving publishing for the printing trade. So I gained some knowledge in the area of publication.

I thank John Street for his comments about me in his article on previous pages of this newsletter and reiterate what he comments upon regarding the newsletter. I AM A NEW BOY in many ways and with your support and guidance I feel I can be of valuable assistance to The Civic Trust. Finally, may I thank all those who have confidence in me and pray that I live up to your expectations.




Even a mosquito doesn't get a slap on the back until he starts work. ANON

At the working man’s house hunger looks in, but dares not enter! Nor will the bailiff or constable enter; for industry pays debts, but despair increases them. (Franklin)

Tameside MBC for providing word processor facilities
Alf Tortoishell for overseeing the distribution
All contributors and distributors.

We wish to thank the Countryside Commission and the Yorkshire Bank PLC for their generous financial assistance which has enabled Littleborough Civic Trust to obtain reprographic equipment for the production of this newsletter and other printed items.


Editor: Judith Schofield