Photograph: Sunny glade

Summer Woodland

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Chairman: Keith Parry, 3, Prospect Street. Tel.79883.

Vice Chairwoman: Betty Pickis, Lightowlers, Blackstone Edge. Tel. 78849

Secretary: Bernard Harrison, Tumblin' Croft, Paul Row. Tel. 78013.

Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Beryl Heywood, 27, Howarth Street. Tel. 73476

Minutes Secretary: Rita Kay, 2, Lodgeville, Rakewood Road. Tel. 79573

Footpaths Secretary: John Hindle, 5, Chichester Close. Tel. 70407

Newsletter Editor: Roy Prince, 14, Milbury Drive. Tel. 78883.

Please pass on any suggestions that you have about the Trust and its work to any of the above.


Chairman's Items

As an amenity society, we are faced with many problems and can rarely hand out bouquets. Congratulations, therefore, to:

GREATER MANCHESTER TRANSPORT: For a small but important improvement. The bus shelters in the Square now display bus timetables and passengers unfamiliar with the district can now see where the Rochdale bus stops. All the same, this does not compensate for the cuts in service and the failure to be as enterprising as West Yorkshire Metro in using the expertise of the Liaison Officers partly funded by the Countryside Commission.

ROCHDALE M.B.C: For the fine work being done by the Canal Restoration workforce. The current phase, funded by Manpower Services and the D. of E. is producing spectacular results at a cracking pace. We'll gloss lightly over the fact that according to the original application for funding by MSC the Littleborough section should have been done in 1977.

THE COACH HOUSE PROJECT: The Y.O.P. Work Experience Scheme is now in its second twenty-six week phase. The Community Enterprise Programme is also providing some labour for more highly skilled jobs. Both labour forces are funded by Manpower Services with the Coach House Trust providing money for materials. A Roofing Contractor is currently at work - funded entirely by the Trust. Here, at least, there are no snags - except an urgent need for large amounts of money by way of donations from the public.

US: For a well-organised and financially rewarding Sponsored Walk in aid of Coach House Project funds. John Hindle, who was supposed to be undertaking the mammoth 40-mile walk was taken ill at the very last moment (literally 30 minutes before he was due to leave) and his companion, Fred Graham, offered to go it alone; even though he is a very experienced walker he did not know the route and would have been quite justified in refusing to tackle it. Our sincere thanks have been expressed to him but they ought to go on record here also.

Our thanks go to the Footpath Group and members of the Trust as well - for manning the checkpoints and making such excellent arrangements for the "Welcome the Walker" party held at the Coach House in the evening. This was, incidentally, the first social occasion to be held there - admittedly under rather primitive circumstances, but we did our best with Beef burgers and Hot Dogs, Coffee, Bunting and Illuminations! Our further thanks to Michael Farrell for walking part of the way with Fred Graham, Tetley Walker for donating the Raffle Prize (a bottle of Scotch) and the constituent groups of the Coach House Project Committee for helping with sponsorship. Final details are not yet available, but the event certainly raised in excess of £250.

That's the Sunny Side of the Street. On the darker side we have the continuing problem of illicit Tipping, Dumping, and general littering of our landscape. Birchinley Farm is still causing problems and the Council is unable to serve further orders on the owner who is presently resident in Spain. Our particular concern is the site of Grove Works. The present tenant was issued with certain directives by the Council early in May. The Trust inspected the site a month later - after the Council's deadline and found no evidence that the directives were being complied with. Skips which were to be stored empty only on site were full, trees which were supposed to be protected had been damaged and burning of refuse was occurring although this had specifically been prohibited by the Council.

Drawing: Pile of smelly rubbish

It is easy to be critical of the Borough and County Councils for not coming down hard on such flouting of directives.

The site is important since the trees there were planted by the Beautiful Littleborough Society - therefore they were paid for by public subscription and are, in a sense "public property". It is also a matter of principle; by ignoring the various directives made by the Council the tenant is not defying 'Them’ - he is defying 'Us' who pay Council Officers to run our town for us.

So the next time you pass Grove, or Birchinley, or any other such site remember - it's you they're cocking a snook at.

From time to time (on average once a month) I am asked questions about the restoration of Steanor Bottom Toll House. There are various misconceptions, which I feel are affecting the reputation of the Civic Trust. So, for the record:

1. The Public Subscription raised only a tiny fraction of the amount required, and a loan had to be obtained from the Architectural Heritage Fund to complete the restoration. In order to repay the loan the building had to be sold.

2. The restoration was in the hands of the Steanor Bottom Society, not Littleborough Civic Trust. Two members only of the Trust were part of the Steanor Bottom group, and all decisions were made by the group, not the Trust or the two members of it.

I hope this information removes any lingering doubts you may have and will help you if you are faced with a critic of the restoration.




Photograph: empty wine bottle
photograph: another empty wine bottle

Assistance will be needed in staffing the Trust's Bottle Stall at the Village Fete and Market on July 24th.

The Trust will be organising festivities for a traditional May Day Festival next year. Help will be needed from now on.

The Trust will be undertaking some practical clearance and improvement work shortly. Your help will be needed on the working parties.

By giving a little of your time to our various events you can help to make the Trust a more effective body. Offers of help to a Committee Member.



Members of the Trust and the Historical Society greatly enjoyed their evening trip to the Automobilia Vintage Car Museum above Hebden Bridge. The museum is strongly recommended for a visit; the view over the Calder valley from it is breath¬taking (as is the view of Hardcastle Crags through the rear window of a coach trying to negotiate the sharp bend at Pecket Well!) Our thanks to Jacqui Harrison of the Trust and Richard Evans of the Historical for their organisational ability. - and ability to make a (small) profit for once.


Gordon Harvey anniversary tree planting

Photograph: Young tree

In 1972 the Trust and Fothergill and Harvey jointly sponsored a memorial garden at Rock Nook to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Gordon Harvey, a pioneer environ¬mentalist to whom we owe the trees planted by the Beautiful Littleborough Society which he founded.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of his death. The Trust and Fothergill and Harvey are both fully committed to the Coach House Project at the moment, but we felt the year should be commemorated in some way. We have asked the Mayor if he would be willing to take a small project under his wing - to plant a tree in a spot suggested by Gordon Harvey in 1920 - and he has agreed to try to help. Further details later.



Unfortunately we found it necessary to postpone the Public Meeting we arranged for 20th May, on the subject of Environ¬mental Improvement and in particular "litter". This meeting has now been arranged for 28th October, but we shall be advertising this meeting both in Littleborough itself and also in the local press nearer the date, in order to give it full publicity. Increasingly we become aware of the vol¬ume of illegal dumping and general mess we have to live with these days. (Are people aware how simple it is to get their bulky items removed from their own homes by the local Cleansing Department, free?).

Logo: Keep Britain Tidy

The purpose of the meeting is to give everybody a chance to put forward ideas and hopefully to work out a plan of campaign to tackle the problem here in Littleborough. We hope to have representatives present from "The Keep Britain Tidy Group", "Impact", the local Environmental Health Dept., local schools, and our local Councillors etc., from whom it is hoped some definite help and ideas will be obtained.

Nowadays there are many people living off the environment. They are a sort of parasitic growth, their activities disfigure and poison our surroundings. They have to be treated as those who foul the nest deserve. Both through Planning and Environ¬mental regulations there is much that can be done to put a stop to this, but again it needs persistence. We realize it takes a great deal of effort (and sometimes courage) to divert the litter lout and 'cowboy' from his activities, but we must not despair and positive example and good housekeeping in the environment will produce the best results in the end for everybody.



Footpath Group Walks

July 25th. Leader - John Hindle. Meet Information Centre, Hollingworth Lake, 1.45pm.
Lake Bank - Turnough Farm - Bib Knowl - Heights Barn - Tunshill Doldrum - Turf Hill - Nicholas Pike -
Higher Booth Hollings - Schofield Hall - Hollingworth Fold - Lake Bank.

Distance 7 miles.

August 8th. Leader - John Hindle. Meet Littleborough Square 9.00am. Cars to Todmorden.
High Gates Way Part II.
Whirlaw - Dukes Cut - Noah Dale - Higher Golden - Lower Salter Ing - Eaves Wood - Mytholm - Horse Hold -
Rake Head - Withens Clough - Long Drag - Hey Head Green.

Distance 16 miles.

AUGUST 22nd. Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm. Cars to Norden Terminus.
Wolstenhole Fold - Ashworth Hall - Deeply Vale – Cheesden - Ashworth Road - Lee Holme - Wolstenholme Fold.

SEPTEMBER 5th. Leader - Helen Bray. Meet the Square 1.15pm. Lawflat 1.30pm.
Rydings Dam - Pot House Lane - Fafflety - Wick Road - Stid Slack - High Wardle - Dobbin Hill -Higher Pemmin -
East Top Farm - Wardle Fold.

Distance 6 miles.

SEPTEMBER 19th. Leader - John Hindle. Meet Falcon House 9.00am. The Huddersfield Way
Town House - Handle Hall - Lower Allerscholes - Cranberry Dan - Ragby Bridge - Foul Clough R0ad - Fielden Square -
Shoebroad - North Hollingworth - Lowerscout - Knoll Top - Warland Reservoir - The White House - Roman Road –
Higher Booth Hollings - Schofield Hall - Hollingworth Fold - Ealees.

Distance: 18¾ miles.

Drawing: Man walking

OCTOBER 3rd. Meet in the Square for the 1.40pm bus to Warland.
Canal Towpath - Stone House - Bottomley - Deanroyd - South Hollingworth -
Nicklety - Pasture Side - Ramsden Wood.

OCTOBER 17th. Leader - Michael Farrell. Meet Littleborough Square 9.00am.
Canal Towpath - Hollow Field - Lydgate - Roman Road - Robin Hoods Bed -
Slippery Moss - Windy Hill - White Hill - Readycon Dean Reservoir -
The Ram's Head - Hanging Lees - Piethorne Wood - Rakewood -
Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre.

OCTOBER 31st. Leader - Lincoln Jackson. Meet Information Centre, Ealees 1.45pm.
Brearley Farm - Higher Fold Farm - Schofield Hall - Ben Keys - Tunshill Lane -
Rakewood Rugby Ground - Higher Abbotts - Hollingworth Fold.

Distance 6 miles.

NOVEMBER 14th. Leader - John Hindle. Meet Information Centre 1.30pm.
Rakewood - Longden End - Doldrum - Town Hill - Cold Greave - Rag Hole Clough -
Tunshill Lane - Rakewood Road.

Distance 7½ miles.

NOVEMBER 28th. Leader Richard Evans. Meet the Square 1.30pm.
Canal Towpath - Pike H0use Bridge - Lightowlers Farm - Lydgate - Stormer Bar -
Leach - Longley Hey - The Moorcock - Hollow Field - Gate House - Windy Bank.

Distance 6 miles.

DECEMBER 12th. Leader - Lincoln Jackson. Meet the Square 1.30pm.
Stubley Mill Road - Smithybridge Road - Starring Hill - Higher Shore Road - High Lee Slack - Stansfield Hill -
Long Clough - Hey Head Lane - Handle Hall.

Distance 6 miles.

DECEMBER 26th. Leader - Richard Evans. Meet Information Centre, Hollingworth Lake, 1.45pm.
Whittaker - Whittaker Wood - Sheep Bank - Rough Road - Fielden Farm - Lane Foot Farm.

Distance 4½ miles.



Using the "Peak Wayfarer Ticket, cost £2.25 (children half) one can travel from Rochdale by train and bus any time after 9.00am on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday into the entire Peak District.

A leaflet explaining the full scope of the ticket and discounts available to holders can be had from The Recreational Transport Officer, Marketing Department, Greater Manchester Transport, 2 Devonshire Street North, Ardwick, Manchester Ml2 1JS.

A newly formed Society which is open to anyone with a love of the Yorkshires Dales invites enquiries regarding membership (£6.00 a year). Please write to the Honorary Secretary, 3 Hardy Grange, Grassington, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 5AJ.

The Peak Planning Board is committing itself to the unusual and significant step of taking a Quarrying Company to the Court of Appeal in London in an effort to defend the National Park against a major Industrial Eyesore.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Owing to lack of support the remaining members of the Club have decided to suspend the Sunday walks for an indefinite period.

We would like to express our thanks to anyone who has helped us in any way.


Littleborough Historical and Archæological Society.

Since the last Newsletter we have held our Annual General Meeting which was well attended and the following officials were elected:

Mr. L. Jackson. Chairman
Mr. R. Evans. Secretary.
Mr. D. Grayson. Treasurer.
Mr. A. Luke. Librarian.

Also the following Committee:

Mr. M. Cook, Mrs. A. France, Mrs. B. Heywood, Mr. J. Trickett, Mr. C. Williamson.

We now have 62 members and our meeting attendances have gone up by 50% this year.

For the summer the following programme has been arranged:

Thursday August 12th. Visit to Bacup Natural History Museum. 7.30pm.

Anyone wishing to go to the Bacup Museum please give names to L. Jackson or R. Evans.

We also should have moved into our new meeting place at the COMMUNITY CENTRE by the start of Next Winter's Programme which is now nearly complete.

R.EVANS. (Hon. Sec.)


Our thanks to:
Keith Parry for the cover design.
Mrs. Farrell for typing the stencils.
All contributors and distributors.

Editor: Roy Prince