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Butterflies in Summer

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Chairman: Don Pickis, Lightowlers, Blackstone Edge. Tel. 78849.

Vice Chairman: Geoffrey Sutcliffe, 14, Buckley Terrace, Rochdale. Tel. 40369

Secretary: Bernard Harrison, Tumblin' Croft, Paul Row. Tel. 78013.

Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Beryl Jackson, 27, Howarth Street.

Press Officer: Keith Parry, 3, Prospect Street, Tel.79883.

Minutes Secretary: Rita Kay, 2, Lodgeville, Rakewood Road. Tel. 79573

Footpaths Secretary: John Hindle, 5, Chichester Close. Tel. 70407

Progamme Secretary: Richard Evans, 8, Charles Street.

Newsletter Editor: Roy Prince, 14, Milbury Drive. Tel. 78883.



The Civic Trust in Littleborough has now been in existence for ten years. It was started principally to achieve through the efforts of its members the preservation and restoration of those buildings, trees and areas in the district we felt should not be spoilt or allowed to fall into dereliction or even be removed, in order that unsympathetic or unsuitable plans could be put into operation.

Over the years we have had our successes, but obviously it would be foolish to expect we could always persuade them to do differently when builders, landowners or planning authorities are pushing a particular development.

During this time the membership of the Trust locally has grown and we now have over 150 paid-up members, local people in the main, who care for their community and the aims of the Civic Trust.

Apart from producing a quarterly newsletter and planning fortnightly footpath walks (the numbers for which are growing yearly), the Committee plan a series of monthly meetings for members and friends from September to April each year where we can meet together and where, on most occasions, we have a guest speaker. Over the last year or so the numbers attending these monthly meetings have dropped drastically and the Committee are seriously asking whether we are wasting our time (and also the time of the visiting speakers) trying to continue this type of programme, if it is not what the members really want.

Coach trips too, in the past, were very successful, but recently two coach trips had to be cancelled due to lack of support.

We appreciate that, as our monthly meetings are usually held in the Oddfellows' Room, the venue, due to the stairs, may not be too convenient to our older members. Also we wonder if a Thursday night is a bad night for the Civic Trust (but a good night for T.V.?).

You are the members of the Civic Trust, so what do you suggest? Are we as an organisation growing out of the need to have a regular get-together apart from our Annual General Meeting? We feel the time has come when these questions should be seriously considered as the Committee Members do not feel they should continue to spend valuable time and money on arranging programmes which recently have generated little or no interest. We would welcome your views.



Progress on the Hundersfeld Way.

The Hundersfeld Way Project is very much a going concern now. John Hindle has listed all the footpath numbers on the 18¾ mile route and this, together with description, map and suggested signposting points has been given to the Countryside Commission and West Yorkshire County Council's Countryside Officer.

The Countryside Officer, David Northcliffe, has suggested that his Council might be able to carry out repairs where necessary; fortunately there is only one short section needing repair and, fortunately, it is within West Yorkshire. Once these repairs have been done, the Way can be brought into use fairly quickly. The main requirement will be waymarking and signposting and the essential guide material. The Countryside Commission has indicated it may be able to help financially, but preparing a guide book similar to the excellent one for the Calderdale Way is an expensive business so we may have to compromise by issuing a simple leaflet first (again, similar to the Calderdale Way one) and go for a complete guide later.

Fortunately, the general climate of opinion is favourable. Joel Barnett, for instance, has received an assurance from the Chairman of the English Tourist Board that they view our proposals for a Tourist Information Centre at the Coach House favourably and a letter from the North West Tourist Board informs us that more government money has been made available for Tourist Projects and we should apply for Grant-aid for the Coach House Project as soon as possible.

Having got the Hundersfeld Way Project out of the way, John Hindle is now working on a 35 mile "Three Ways Walk". One small step for John, one great leap forward for mankind?



The Three Ways Walk

This walk, which I am in the process of surveying, takes its name from the fact that it meets at various stages the Pennine Way, the Calderdale Way and the Hundersfeld Way.

Photograph: Hollingworth Lake.

Hollingworth Lake

It will link the Piethorne Valley with Hollingworth Lake, the Falcon Coach House at Littleborough and the Information Centre at Hebden Bridge and will be about 35 miles in length. It will be a circular route - roughly kidney-shaped. From the Coach House it will go via Townhouse, over the fields to Heybottom Farm, then via Far Heyhead, Top O'th Clough and Green Wells towards Turn Slack, on to the disused quarry and Hades before going down to Coolam and the Bacup Road. It will cross the Calderdale Way at Todmorden Edge Farm and rejoin it at Gate Bottom, following the Calderdale Way as far as Whirlaw Common it will cross Eastwood Road just above Windy Harbour and will enter the Golden Valley via Dukes Cut and Greenwood Road. It will drop to the valley bottom at Mytholm.

Climbing out of the valley by Horse Hold Farm and Rake Head to Crag Road, it will reach the Pennine Way via Dicks Lane. From here, it will follow the Pennine Way to Long Stop and descend to Mankinholes by way of the Long Drag. At Hey Head Green it will follow the Salter Rake Gate to Deanroyd, crossing the main road at Lanebottom. It will reach Summit Inn via Reddyshore and then take the track over to the Moorcock, through Lydgate Clough to Lydgate and then field paths to Whittaker Fold and Syke. From Syke, over Benny Hill and Higher Booth Hollins Hill to Longden End and the Piethorne Valley and then leaving the valley via Rag Hole Clough it will reach Rakewood Road by taking Tunshill Lane and Deep Lane and going by Turnough Farm. The road will be followed to the Information Centre and then field paths through Ealees down to Halifax Road and the Coach House.

The walk uses a little of the three Ways mentioned - probably about eight miles in all. I hope to complete this walk during the summer holidays and include it in the Footpath Group programme for 1982.



Footpath Group Walks

By request, for those not familiar with all the local names (most of us), a simple description of the route to be followed in each walk is given.

Everyone is welcome on these walks, but we do advise strong shoes or preferably boots in order to cover the ground in comfort.

Silhouette of hiker on top of hill

July 19th. Meet in the Square at 10.00am. Cars to Hebden Bridge. Then bus to Howarth. Leader - John Hindle.
Penistone Hill - Upper West Field Farm - West Field Farm -Leeshaw Reservoir - Bodkin Lane - Bodkin Top - Penny Poll
- Stair Lane - Top O'th Stairs (1398’) - Baby House Farm -Hollin Hall - Horse Bridge - Upper Lee - Hebden Bridge.
This walk is from Howarth, over the tops to Grimsworth Dean, down to Hardcastle Crags at Horse Bridge and then to Hebden Bridge.

August 2nd. Meet at the Information Centre, Hollingworth Lake Country Park at 2.00pm.
Rakewood - Longden End - New Barn - Doldrum - Town Hill -Bins Lower Pasture – Turf Hill - Roughfield - Cold Greave
- Knowsley Plantation - Spring Hill - Rough Bankwood - Higher Tunshill - Castle Rake - Roadfield - Turnough -
Rakewood Road.
This walk goes up Longden End, then over the tops into the Piethorne Valley, which it circles before returning to Rakewood via Rag Hole, Tunshill and Deep Lane.

August 16th. Meet in Littleborough Square at 10.00am. Leader - John Hindle.
Packhorse Route Littleborough - Hebden Bridge.
Townhouse - Whitfield Farm - Higher Calderbrook - Reddyshore Scout Gate - Salter Rake Gate - Lumbutts
- Mankinholes - London Road - Erringden Grange - Old Chamber.
This walk follows the packhorse route from Littleborough Centre to Hebden Bridge giving marvellous views all the way, a distance of 10 miles. Public transport will be used for the return.

August 30th. Meet in Littleborough Square at 1.45pm for the 2.00pm bus to Sladen Wood. Leader - Lincoln Jackson.
Sladen Fold - Leach - Solomon Cutting - Chelburn - Long Lees Warland - Salley Street - Higher Calderbrook -
Higher Newgate Gorsey Hill Wood - Riverside.
This route follows the road to Sladen Fold, climbs over the hill and after Chelburn joins the canal towpath to Summit before climbing again to reach Higher Newgate, then dropping down through Gorsey Hill Wood and following Townhouse Brook to Riverside to return to the starting point.

September 13th. Meet in Littleborough Square at 9.00am. Leader - Helen Bray.
Todmorden Boundary Walk starting and finishing at Warland End Gate.
This walk is self-explanatory. It is quite strenuous and covers a distance of about 23 miles.

September 20th. Meet at the Information Centre, Hollingworth Lake Country Park at 1.30pm. Leader - John Hindle.
Brearley Farm - Higher Fold Farm - Schofield Hall - Ben Keys - Tunshill Lane - Schofield Hall Farm - Higher Abbotts
- Hollingworth Fold.
From the Information Centre the walk goes past Syke Nab, through the farm-yard at Higher Fold, climbs over two hills, crosses the M62 motorway and recrosses it before returning to the area of the Lake via Tunshill, near Milnrow.

October 4th. Meet in Littleborough Square at 1.15pm or Lawflat at 1.30pm. Leader - Helen Bray.
Rydings Dam - Pot House Lane - Howarth Pasture - Lythe Slack — Fafflety - Nick Road Farm - Stid Slack Farm -
Brown Wardle Farm - Slack Gate - High Wardle - Newgate - Dobbin Hill - Higher Dobbin - Lower Dobbin -
Higher Pemmin - Top O'th East - Bank Lane - Wardle Fold.
This walk covers Wardle in the area encompassed by Rydings Dam in the south, Mawstone Edge on the west. Brown Wardle to the north and Dobbin Hill in the east. Most of the names mentioned above are no longer marked on the six inch map.


Footpath Group News

Up to the present time, we have completed 12 walks in our 1981 programme with a total attendance of 217. As last year, during the summer months our numbers tend to drop (or drip) a little. So far this year, 30 blockages have been reported and the weather has provided 6 good days, 1 average day and 5 poor days.



We really do wish we could Keep Britain Tidy

The Keep Britain Tidy Group has introduced a new aspect to the national litter abatement campaign which it has pursued over a number of years. The new programme is called the 'Keep Britain Tidy System' and it is confidently predicted that the System will bring about a permanent improvement.

Research has shown that, although people in the form of pedestrians and motorists are important contributors to the total amount of litter in urban situations, they contribute least when compared with other major sources:

Poster: The only cure for Litter is you

Household rubbish put out for collection untidily;

Mishandled commercial and industrial storage of rubbish and waste and the inefficient manner in which it is put out for collection;

Careless storage and handling of rubbish and waste on construction and demolition sites;

Improper loading and unloading of vehicles;

Uncovered vehicles.

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of the Environment launched the 'System’.

It is hoped that it will not go the way of other campaigns backed by the political parties. The 'Save It’ campaign, launched by the last government, was allowed (or encouraged) to die when the present government took office.


The Gasworks Site

Drawing; Smelly pile

The work of landscaping the ex-gasworks site is now under way. In order to make the site 'safe’, at least-one metre of topsoil has to be spread over the whole area, so many wagonloads have been dumped over the past weeks.

One evening, the smell from the day's deliveries was appalling. The following day, by chance, I happened to notice that Stubley Mill, the ex-glue works (Later a tallow factory) was being demolished. It was the Glue Works that used to give Life in Littleborough a particular flavour in a South West Wind. Was it sheer coincidence that the smell appeared? Or is it a case of The Melody Lingering On - or even "As one door closes another slams shut on your fingers"?



The 'Focus on Footpaths' Meeting

In her Chairwoman's report at the beginning of the year, Rae Street laid great emphasis on the need to uphold the rights of walkers.

The present Chairman, Don Pickis, took up the initiative and planned a meeting to be held on Thursday, 21st May at the United Reform Church so that, the many people interested in walking or interested in the effects on the countryside of walkers pursuing their pastime, could air their views and enter into discussion with people whose views might have a different bias.

John Hindle, the Footpaths Secretary, sent out invitations to organisations or individuals expected to have an interest and it is to John's credit that so many people turned up at the meeting. The meeting, chaired by Geoffrey Sutcliffe, was a great success and showed, above all, that there is far more agreement than disagreement about the need to maintain footpaths properly and to use them with consideration. L.C.T. members are receiving an account of what happened at the meeting along with this newsletter.

Another conclusion to be drawn from the venture is that, if the subject to be discussed is sufficiently interesting and the preparation is thorough, lively support can be expected and much can be gained. Obviously, the meetings must not be too frequent, they must have a wide appeal and they must, as far as possible, include representatives of all interested groups if they are to be at all conclusive.

The Committee would be pleased to have suggestions for a meeting to be held - perhaps in a few months’ time.

Two very important matters that constantly concern the Civic Trust are "planning" and "litter", but what do you say?

This is the second request for your views that appears in this issue. We do hope for some response.


Littleborough Historical &Archæological Society

At the recent Annual General Meeting the following officials were elected:

Committee Members Mr. M. Cook, Mrs. J. Chadwick, Mr. L. Jackson, Mrs. B. Jackson and Mr. C. Williamson.

We shall be doing another History Trail in the Stubley - Shore area on Sunday, 30th August at 2.00pm covering a distance of about 4 miles.

Meetings, to which everyone is welcome, are held at the Oddfellows' Room on the second Thursday in each month:

September 10th. Miss S. Bourne - "Towneley Hall Family and Collections".

October 8th. Mr. J. Trehurz of Manchester City Art Gallery - "Victorian Painters in Manchester."

Both meetings start at 8.00pm

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