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Chairwoman: Judith Schofield, 4, Bottoms, Crag Vale. 01422 885173

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Secretary: Michael Farrell, 41, Hollingworth Road, Littleborough. Tel. 01706 370154

Treasurer: Peter Jackson, 8 Chelburn View, Littleborough. Tel. 01706 373112

Membership Secretary: Lincoln Jackson, 1 Moorfield View, Shore. Tel. 01706 370542

Minutes Secretary: Chris Wilkinson, 3, Fair View, Littleborough. 01706 374020

Editor: Anne Lawson, 81, Todmorden Road. Tel. 01706 379604


Dan Docker, 93 Church Street, Littleborough. Tel. 01706 372001
Don Pickis, Lightowlers. 01706 378849.
Betty Pickis, Lightowlers. 01706 378849.
Jill Roberts, 10 Townhouse Road. 01706 377382
Rae Street, Calder Cottage. 01706 378043
Joe Taylor, 136a Market Street, Whitworth. 01706 344711

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WELCOME to the Littleborough Civic Trust Newsletter for Spring 1996. Now that the weather is beginning to improve after all that snow and sleet, there is at last a hint of spring in the air. Now is the time to start looking forward to events for the spring and summer, and with that in mind, take a look at the Dates for your Diary, as we already have events that need your support. In particular the Annual General Meeting, where YOU can come along, meet members old and new, and find out what the Committee does on your behalf. This is also YOUR chance to get more involved and become a Committee member if you feel you want to give a little time to your community. In addition, two posts will become vacant, as Michael Farrell is standing down as Secretary, and Anne Lawson is standing down as Newsletter Editor. So if you would like to exercise your voting power, or find out more about the posts with a view to taking the job on, then come along to the Annual General Meeting (details below).



SUNDAY 17th MARCH 10am onwards, CORONATION WALK (off Todmorden Road just after the Gale pub). There will be a hedge-layering event along the Walk, with demonstrations and the chance to have a go I This will improve the area of the Walk, and will encourage wildlife back as the hedge will become a better habitat after layering.

Photograph: two inscribed mugs

SATURDAY 23rd MARCH 7.30pm Littleborough Coach House There will be a BEER & BRASS EVENING, with the EXCELLENT TODMORDEN OLD BRASS BAND. This is an evening to look forward to, as we are very fortunate to have the Todmorden Brass Band with us for what will be an extremely good evening's music and entertainment. Tickets are only £3.59 and are available from the Coach House, Jackson's Bargain Corner, Peter Jackson (tel. 373112) or from any member of the Committee as listed above.

There will be a bar, refreshments available, and a raffle. DON'T MISS IT!!!

SUNDAY 21st APRIL 2pm Littleborough Square sees us taking part in the National Spring Clean - see John Street's article below on this event. If YOU moan about the state of our streets and river, then don your old clothes and come along to help us DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Tools are provided, but if you want to bring your own, please do. This is a chance to meet people and feel that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

THURSDAY 25th APRIL 8pm at the Coach House AGM! AGM! AGM!
If you've always wondered what actually goes on, then this is your chance to find out I There will be a review of the last twelve months' work, elections of officers, and a guest speaker. This year we are very pleased to have our own Dan Docker, who will be talking about tree work. Dan is one of the leading lights of the Tree Nursery, and, following a 12 month stay in America studying their techniques for tree management, has a wealth of fascinating information and anecdotes. His last talk to us was amusing as well as educational, and his enthusiasm and dedication were an inspiration. DON'T MISS THIS ONE!



National Spring Clean is all set to become the biggest environmental clean-up of the year. Based on the simple idea that we can all make a difference to our local environment, National Spring Clean gathers everyone together with the one aim of Getting a Grip on Litter.

Why does the United Kingdom need such a campaign? we are all aware of the problems of litter that can be seen every day; bins overflowing with fast food packaging, our streets strewn with sweet wrappers, and OUT parks spoiled by crisp packets. So striking is this visual vandalism that we often forget the unseen damage caused by litter - rats are attracted by discarded food spreading disease, litter dumped on roadsides causes accidents, and there is a constant threat of serious fires in public places being fuelled by accumulated litter.

As well as suffering the consequences of litter, we also end up paying a further price. It costs a staggering £332.4 MILLION just to keep our streets clean.

Photograph: Cartoon of grotty rubbish bins

Just as it is people who cause the problem, it is people who are the solution. National Spring Clean, a ten day campaign against litter pollution, harnesses positive people power by encouraging everyone to take action on their own environment. National Spring Clean is simple, sociable and successful. In 1995 over 2.4 million people were actively involved in Spring Clean — in 1996 it will be even more. By taking a fun approach to a serious problem the National Spring Clean encourages all sorts of people to work for a litter—free environment.

National Spring Clean is not just a litter-pick, it is a litter-picking extravaganza. with individuals, voluntary groups, companies, local authorities, schools, scouts and women's groups all taking part, this national campaign has a great local impact. Great or small, YOUR support is essential to the success of the campaign and the good news is that it is really easy to join in.

Firstly, you should stop for a moment and think - there must be a Grot Spot in your district that desperately needs someone like you to transform it into a clean and tidy area. Then get in touch with Tidy Britain Group, (tel. 01942 824620) who will provide a free clean-up kit crammed full of ideas, advice, guidelines, posters and practical tabards, in fact all that you need to stage a successful Spring Clean. All you need to bring with you is energy, enthusiasm and people power. Your local council might be able to help too, with over 300 local authorities taking part last year, chances are that they will be just as keen as you to Get a Grip on Litter. If past National Spring Cleans are anything to go by, we can guarantee that you will have a fun, satisfying day.

National Spring Clean however is not just about clearing up during the ten days of the campaign. To solve the manifold problems of litter, much more than practical action is needed. In order to solve the litter problem a change of attitude is needed on every day of the year. That's why National Spring Clean is the environmental campaign with a difference — it works if you do.



Todmorden Steam Centre Trust

The Todmorden Steam Centre Trust came into being in 1992 as the result of a small group of local people meeting to discuss ideas for the regeneration of Todmorden town centre.

Since then, a great deal of money has been spent in carrying out the restoration of the station building and offices, and plans for the future are ambitious. The group's aims are to

Todmorden Triangle used to form a vital Lancashire/Yorkshire link across the Pennines, and the aim is to see steam trains operating on this line once again. As with all ambitious projects, public support is vital, whether it is financial or practical in nature. If you are interested in finding out more about the Trust's work, please write to:- Todmorden Steam Centre Trust, Old Parcels Office, Todmorden Station TODMORDEN OLl4 7AA


Todmorden Old Brass Band

Picture: Scroll


HEDGE LAYERING (see Dates for your Diary)

Hedge-layering is an ancient art, which has a number of benefits for the environment, and on Sunday, March 17th, the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers have kindly agreed to come to Littleborough, to Coronation walk, and teach us how it is done.

Photograph: Hedge after layering

The idea is to turn the hawthorn trees along the Walk, currently growing, as trees do, in an upright fashion, into a nice, thick hedge, restoring the Walk to its former glory of the 1950's when it was first planted. Stakes are used to anchor the branches, and the height of the hawthorn is lowered, but the density thus increased, to provide a thickly growing screen, which also provides shelter for wildlife. The lower shoots of the hawthorn are encouraged to sprout, adding to the density.

The more people who join us — YES, YOU CAN COME ALONG AND TAKE PART! - then the more we can achieve. Tuition is to be provided, as well as tools to do the job. All you need are old clothes and a sense of adventure! The other bonus will be seeing the results of our bulb-planting efforts along the walk, which are coming up now that the spring is finally here. So, make sure you note the date, and we'll see you there - new faces particularly welcome!



For anyone who drives from Littleborough to Todmorden, catches the bus to Barnes Meadows, or walks that way along Todmorden Road, perhaps you have noticed the large pile of rubble and rubbish that has been deposited at the entrance to Grove? 'Wretched fly-tippers‘ you might exclaim. Not so. This rubbish heap is a deliberate attempt to block the entrance and thus prevent anyone using the site beyond the gates for .... fly-tipping!! And also to prevent anyone from camping in the entrance to the site!

One of our planners has said that this sort of practice is not offensive, I wonder how many people would agree?

. . . . . . . . . . .

This is a main 'A' route to Yorkshire, carrying a large volume of traffic. It's quite pleasant leaving Littleborough to find that on the border, the road quality suddenly improves, and the pavements are weed-free; the walls are in good repair, and there is very little litter.

For those of us living this side of the border, the walls are quickly disappearing and look a mess, the litter increases, and the pavements and wall boundaries are full of grass and weeds. Is it any wonder that the road down to our town is so ill—kempt, when the 'answer' to fly-tipping is to dump enough of a rubbish heap to prevent anyone else adding to it?? What sort of example is this to the people of Littleborough?? What do you think of the ‘Entrance to Littleborough' along Todmorden Road?? Would you be proud to bring visitors over here by that route?? Let us know your views.




Drawing: A-sign on pavement

The campaign for a ‘Welcome to Littleborough' sign at the Station, a joint venture between the Civic Trust, the Action Group, the Historical Society and local schools, is finally bearing fruit.

It has been agreed to replace the existing sign, welcoming people to Rochdale (!) with a more appropriate one of our own. Everyone is invited to submit ideas or material for the sign, which will give visitors a taste of the area, where to go, what to see, what to do, a little bit of historical background etc. etc. This period of consultation will go on until the end of March, so if you have any ideas, or would like a say in the design of the sign, then please contact John Street (Calder Cottage, tel. 378043)



It's Spring and growing time again. And once more the hedges are lined with crisp packets and the river with trolleys and the lanes with ciggy boxes... Spring-cleaning time and volunteers will be out on 21st April splashing in the Roche in Lttleborough centre.

But we do grow green plants too. There are interesting gardens round every corner and some people tidy and plant on patches away from their own gardens which we can all enjoy. The wall on the roadside between Littleborough and Walsden springs (ouch!) to mind. It's a delight in late spring and summer when it is full of rock plants — some simply wild flowers.

I unearthed an old cutting the other day about an industrial village in Northumberland where the residents had got together to ‘garden in the community’. They had planted in, on and around walls, made a rock garden out of a rubbish dump, tidied corners, put out inexpensive containers (sadly chimney pots don't come into that category any more, judging by the prices at the local garden centre) planted rambling roses on derelict banks and verges ... But the important point was that the sites mentioned were all small and manageable. We do this well in Ltttleborough — let's do more this year.

Let us know at the Civic Trust if you have some ideas for corners or walls and if we can help we will. And do let us know if you can think of places for trees because there are some healthy saplings in the Tree Nursery.

Rae Street.

Drawing: Bits of spring by 7 year old


FOOTPATH WALKS - Summer 1996

Sunday APRIL 14th: Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm OR Royd Lane, Ripponden 1.45pm
Leader - Helen Bray
Ringstone Edge - Mey Dyke - Scammonden

6 miles

Sunday APRIL 28th Meet Littleborough Square 9.00am
Leader - Geoff Sutcliffe
Dales Circular

10+ miles

Sunday MAY 12th: Meet Littleborough Square 9.30 am OR Whitworth Museum 10.00am
Leader - Joe Taylor
Whitworth Boundary Walk

14 miles


Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm OR Oakenshaw Avenue, Whitworth 1.45pm
Leader - Betty Taylor
Healey Parish Walk

5 miles

Sunday MAY 26th: Meet Littleborough Square 1.45pm
Leader - Michael Farrell
Sladen Wood - Castle Farm - Roman Road

6 miles

Sunday JUNE 9th: Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm or Lobb Mill 2.00pm
Leader - Geoff Sutcliffe
Rodwell End - Hippins - Underbank

5 miles

Sunday JUNE 23rd: Meet Littleborough Square 9.30am (cars to Binn Green)
Leader - Michael Farrell
Chew Valley and Mossley

10 miles

Sunday JULY 7th: Meet Littleborough Square 1.45pm OR King William IV, Shore 2.00pm
Leader - Lincoln Jackson
Lake View - Shore Hall - Watergrove

5 miles

Sunday AUGUST 4th: Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm OR Wildhouse Lane Picnic Site 1.45pm.
Leader - Michael Farrell
Turnough - Longden End - Tunshill

5 miles


Editor: Anne Lawson