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The newsletter editor is always pleased to receive contributions to be considered for inclusion. The views expressed in the newsletter do not necessarily reflect official LCT policy or opinion.

It is expected that anyone who wishes to make use of any material from the newsletter will seek the approval of the editor Michael Farrell, 41 Hollingworth Road, Littleborough. Tel. 70154.


Chairwoman: Betty Pickis, Lightowlers, Blackstone Edge. Tel. 78849

Vice Chairman: Roy Prince, 14 Milbury Drive, Tel. 78883.

Secretary: Judith Schofield, 3 Green Clough, Todmorden Road, Littleborough. Tel. 76015

Treasurer: Geoff Sutcliffe, 14 Buckley Terrace, Wardle, Tel. 40369.

Membership Secretary: Lincoln Jackson, 1 Moorfield View, Shore. Tel. 70542

Minutes Secretary: Rita Kay, 2, Lodgeville, Rakewood Road. Tel. 79573


Richard Evans, 8 Charles St.
Mike Farrell, 41 Hollingworth Road, Tel. 70154.
Rae Street, Calder Cottage, Tel. 76043.
Pauline Hopkinson, Far Hey Head Farm, Calderbrook.
Alf Tortoiseshell, Sedgmoor, Blackstone Edge Old Road. 79507
Janet Bell, 9 Salley Street, Calderbrook. 76551
Jill Roberts, 12 Whitfield Brow, Todmorden Road.

Please pass on any suggestions that you have about the Trust and its work to any of the above.

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Dates for your Diary

The most important date is of course the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETIUG OF LITTLEBORCUGH CIVIC TRUST which will be held this year on Thursday April 24th at 8.00pm in the Coach House Heritage Centre, Lodge Street.

There will be a number of vacant seats on the Committee even if all current members are re-elected. The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Harehill Park Council offices to discuss planning applications, future events, footpaths, correspondence, environmental issues, and any other relevant issues aid to hear reports from the various bodies on which we are represented.

If you would like to serve on the Committee the Secretary would be delighted to hear from you. Nominations from the floor will be accepted. If you do not wish to stand, please try to attend the AGM and have your say.

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  1. Apologies.
  2. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting.
  3. Matters arising.
  4. Chairman's Report.
  5. Officers' Reports.
  6. Footpath Group Report.
  7. Election of Officers.
  8. Discussion on Environment Week.
  9. Any other business.




£50 First Prize for first drawn correct sheet.

All answers to be found during Environment Week at the Coach House or Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre Exhibitions.

Sheets on sale at 10p each at the Exhibitions around Littleborough.

Sponsored by NORFORD ESTATES, Harehill Road. Printing by YORKSHIRE BANK.

Volunteers also required to sell sheets, please contact any Committee Member.


“ACID RAIN - MANCHESTER'S DESTRUCTIVE LEGACY" Thursday 8th May, at 8.00pm at Hollingworth Lake Country Park Visitor Centre.

An informative and disturbing new video made by the Acid Rain Information Centre based on work throughout Greater Manchester.

Of interest to both the uninformed and the well informed.


Join Richard Evans in Littleborough Town Square on Sunday 4th May for an interesting walk around points of interest in Littleborough.


See the five exhibitions on past and present works which have helped your town and its surroundings.

To be shown throughout Environment Week between the Coach House, Lodge Street, and Hollingworth Lake Country Park Visitor Centre.

Exhibitions by:
Oldham and Rochdale Groundwork Trust.
Hollingworth Lake Country Park.
The Coach House Trust.
Littleborough Historical and Archæological Society.
Littleborough Civic Trust.

Remember - they contain the answers to your Quiz Sheets !!



A Happy Easter to all members of the Footpath Group. The walks so far this year have been enjoyable and reasonably well attended despite the usual bad weather in most cases. Thanks are due to Roy Prince and his wife Jean for accommodating the last meeting at very short notice. Regarding the summer programme, you may notice that the walk on 3rd August is to be led by Alan Ashworth. Alan led his last walk for us ten years ago before moving to Wigan and we are delighted to have him back.

The Spring/Summer 1986 programme was drawn up at a meeting cf the Footpaths Group in February. We would be delighted to have more members contributing walks and ideas. The summer 1986 programme will be discussed at a meeting at Harehill Park Council Offices on 22nd July, 8.00pm. Please come along, refreshments are available.

30TH MARCH Leader – Michael Farrell. Meet Square 1.45pm.
Calderbrook – Warland - Sladen Fold.

13TH APRIL Leader - JOHN HINDLE. Meet Square 9.00am for bus to Portsmouth.
Portsmouth - Green House, Charles town. (Members are recommended to purchase a £1 Day Rover ticket from
John's Bazaar" beforehand, for a saving of around 75p.)

27TH APRIL Leader - ALF WARD Meet New Inn, Norden 2.00pm.
Cheesden Valley Circular.

11TH MAY Leader - GEOFF SUTCLIFFE. Meet Square 9.00am.
Yorkshire Dales circular.

25TH MAY Leader - ROY PRINCE. Meet Square 2.00pm.
Dry Mere - Roman Road Circular.

7+ miles. (Bring tea).

8TH JUNE Leader - JOE TAYLOR. Meet Square 1.45pm.
Saddleworth circular

6 miles.

22ND JUNE Note: No walk.

6TH JULY Leader - MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet Square 10.45am.
Ripponden circular.

11 miles.

20TH JULY Leader - ALF WARD. Meet Square 1.45pm.
White House - Pennine Way – Lydgate.

3RD AUGUST Leader - ALAN ASHWORTH. Meet Square 1.30pm.
Withnell Fold circular.

10 miles. (Bring tea).

Evening Walks.

Wednesday 28TH MAY Leader - LINCOLN JACKSON. Meet Square 6.45pm.
Warland circular.

4 miles.

Wednesday 30TH JULY Leader - THE TAYLORS. Meet Square 6.45pm.
Whitworth circular.

4 miles.



Photograph: Clegg Hall in 1986

Recently, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Peter Malkin, the joint owner of Clegg Hall, the property was transferred to Pennine Heritage Ltd., of Hebden Bridge, and both the Secretary of the Littleborough Civic Trust, Judith Schofield, and myself have been invited to join the Working Group which is being set up to preserve this wonderful old building.

We are both extremely delighted to have been asked to help with this exciting project, but as everyone will appreciate this type of restoration can be a time consuming and very long drawn out task. It would be nice to think that sometime in the future the view of Clegg Hall from the train might be rather different from the very gloomy and depressing one we see at the moment.

BETTY PICKIS, Chairwoman



Picture: Daffodil

1985 went out in a flurry of activity. The Wednesday before Christmas we were offered some uncollected bulbs, mainly daffodils, from Oldham and Rochdale Groundwork Trust. There were approximately 1,600 bulbs which we had to plant before the frosts arrived, so at short notice that very wet Saturday before Christmas half a dozen volunteers were to be seen planting bulbs at the Gas Works site, Harehill Road - I hope they were deep enough to survive later frosts as the soil was rather shallow.

About 500 of the daffodil bulbs were planted around verges at Calderbrook, the park playing fields and Dean Head, Summit. "Again anyone wishing to volunteer their services for future plantings or offer suggestions for future sites please do let any of the Committee members know" - All help is very much appreciated.

Whilst still on planting, around a dozen volunteers managed to plant the Whips given by Impact, at Blagden Chemical Works, Summit, on a sunny Sunday afternoon and the proceedings were videoed by Annette Newman from Impact. Luckily, although the ground was covered by snow it was not frozen and planting was not too difficult. Our thanks to all workers - volunteers always welcome at future events.

The Trust's amended Constitution was adopted at the meeting on 21st January, as announced in last quarter's newsletter; copies of the Constitution will be available at our Annual General Meeting.

Over the past quarter the Trust has objected to the following planning applications:

  1. Tipping at Birchenley Farm, Wildhouse Lane - a fresh site in green belt.
  2. A residential home on the site of the Car Park at the Methodist Church, Victoria Street, this is not a town centre use for this unique site.
  3. The proposed Co-op on Church Street, due to extensive parking and loading problems in the Conservation Area.
  4. 3 houses at Higher Newgate - a fresh site in green belt
  5. 4-bed detached house in the Vicarage Grounds - this development on the restricted site would spoil the character and proportions of the vicarage.

I should be pleased to supply any further details if required.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Please Support Environment Week.

Richard's walk should prove interesting and the Acid Rain video based on the Greater Manchester Area is very informative without being too technical - well worth seeing. The Trust is participating in an Acid Rain survey this year which is being run, with substantial backing from the C.E.G.B., by the Acid Rain Information Centre who have made the film.

Our results in Littleborough so far are definitely quite acidic.

Then we have our Quiz Sheet, the first prize and promotion are being generously sponsored by Norford Estates and the printing has been donated by the Yorkshire Bank. Please do help by buying the sheets and if possible could you help to sell at home, in Littleborough, or at work. We would love to hear from volunteers, it is a positive way to help your Civic Trust and to help Littleborough.




Progress has been made on the planning problem of Mainchem. After a year’s correspondence between Mr. Towey, Chief Executive and Town Clerk, Mr. Pierce, Borough Planning and Estates Officer and the Trust, a meeting was held at the Town Hall in February with Mr. Towey, Mr. Pierce, Roy Prince (our Vice-Chairman) and myself, in an attempt to resolve the matter.

We have persisted throughout with our argument that in the interests of justice being seen co be done and to enable the public the full opportunity to participate in planning applications, when an applicant wishes to proceed with develop-ment prior to consent being granted by the planning subcommittee he should not just be told that "Works carried out would be done so at their own risk and in the event of the application being refused legal action would be taken against them". Legal action could be taken before determination of planning permission. Where work does commence prior to permission being granted the Planning Department’s advice can too easily give rise, in the case of applications where objections have been lodged, to rumours of conspiracy as happened with Mainchem, as well as objectors feeling that the matter was a foregone conclusion and that their observations are of no relevance.

As a result of the correspondence and meeting, Mr. Pierce will now incorporate where deemed necessary the following words, "I note that you have already commenced operations/the use. I must give you due warning that you do this entirely at your own risk and that the Council may take enforcement action, including the issue of a Stop Notice, under the terms of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971, without prejudice to the determination of your application and that such action may lead to you being prosecuted and heavily fined".

The Committee believes that this is a positive and constructive move and that this wording is acceptable; after the lengthy and on occasion, somewhat involved correspondence the Committee did feel some sense of relief that the matter could be brought to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. I do hope you are of similar mind, but any comments or questions you may have could be raised at the A.G.M. where I will give a summary of the events.

Finally, I feel that our thanks must be extended to Mr. Towey and Mr. Pierce for the time and full consideration they have given us on this case.





We are joining with the Civic Trust in holding exhibitions during Environment Week. We will be having an Exhibition at the Information Centre, Hollingworth Lake in July.

On August 16th we are having a joint trip to Lincoln with Whitworth Historical Society. If anyone wishes to go contact Mr. A. Luke, Tel. 79949.

We have contributed to the Guided Walks Programme at Hollingworth Lake. During this Winter Mrs. Stubbs and myself have led 10 walks so far with a total of 104 people on them.

We have been an historical society for 10 years come April.


10th April. Mr. M. Farrell. Politics in the North West.

8th May. Annual General Meeting.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


Environment Week 3 - 11th May. Gordon Harvey Exhibition.

Car Boot Sales.


  • April 13th,
  • May 11th,
  • June 8th.

10.30am – 2.00pm. £5 per car. Bookings 78481.

Discovery Walks - Series of 4.

No. 1April 20thJune 15th
No. 2May 4thJune 29th
No. 3May 18thJuly 13th
No. 4June 1stJuly 27th

2.30am from Coach House. 50p to Coach House project and Historical Society.

Annual Fete and Market July 26th



The Civic Trust at this time was in a state of flux. Don Pickis and Geoff Sutcliffe had just been elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively, following the resignation of Rae Street. Neither had really wanted this responsibility but the Trust did not suffer from their short reigns. It had been decided that the Trust would concentrate on Footpaths for the year and there was a very successful meeting on May 21st attended by all interested parties, except representatives from Rochdale M.B.C. with whom our relations were not so good at the time.

Browsing through the pages of the newsletter there are a few interesting points one can make. At the front there are nine offices listed. In the past few years, as our activities have been less diverse for a number of reasons there has been a rationalisation and offices like Press Officer, Footpaths Secretary and Programme Secretary have been dispensed with. All the walks’ leaders mentioned are still as active as they were then, which is more encouraging. Some space is given to the Hundersfield Way project of John Hindle and Keith Parry and ends with the words "West Yorkshire have also shown interest in helping with the project." By the time we meet for this year’s Annual General Meeting that particular body's existence will have run its entire course within the lifetime of the Trust.



Thanks to:
Keith Parry for the cover design.
K. Farrell for typing the stencils
All contributors and distributors

Editor: Michael Farrell