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The Committee for 1980

Harold Dearden, 8, Hudsons Passage, Littleborough.

Richard Evans, 8, Charles Street, Littleborough.

Alma Harper, 9, Gatehouse, Blackstone Edge Old Road, Littleborough. Tel.79914.

Sylvia Hildrew, 11, Shore Mount, Littleborough.

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If you know someone who would like to become a member of the Trust, please ask them to complete the slip below and hand it, together with subscription, to Lincoln Jackson or Beryl Jackson or any officer or committee member.


To The Membership Secretary, 27, Howarth Street, Littleborough

I wish to become a member of Littleborough Civic Trust.



I enclose the subscription for 1980.

£2 for a family.

£1 individual adult. (Please cross out as necessary)

50p senior citizen.

50p junior.


Chairwoman's Report for 1979

For those who were unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, the Chairman's Report on the year 1979 is printed here.

Green Field Sites

The Trust has continued to defend 'green field' sites, both against industrial and residential development. The loss in this comparatively small island of both open and agricultural land has been alarming. In the North West, this goes along with the growth in the number of derelict industrial sites and buildings. Not only sites, but buildings can be put to new uses with a little imagination. Even the multi-storey mills of the textile era can be adapted for modern industrial processes. And that way ' Preservation Pays ', to quote the title of a book published this year by M. Binney and M. Hanna.

To come down to earth (to make not a very respectable pun), this year the above has meant in the case of Littleborough Civic Trust:

a) objecting to the large-scale residential development proposed by Barrow Hepburn at Stubley;

b) commenting on the proposed leisure centre at Bell Holme. (Calderdale Council);

c) objecting to the proposed bottle-making plant for Akzo Chemie on Hollingworth Road. In this case, we expressed strong views about the safety of the whole site.

It goes without saying that all the committee are anxious to stimulate industrial development - particularly of small businesses on existing sites. With regard to existing sites, no objection was made to the establishment of a research and pilot plant for Akzo Chemie in the centre of their existing complex.


It would not be fair to single out individual names for mention, but many members have commented this year on general private improvements in Littleborough: a new cottage designed to fit in with Pennine architecture, sympathetic new window frames, pleasant new shop fronts with hand-written signs, a well-cared for garden adjoining the main road and new trees planted. All of these and many more make the village a pleasanter place to live.

Nor should I forget the efforts of the Council's Environmental Department. They have several times cleared dumped rubbish from Calderbrook Road and done a major scheme on Shott Wood. It is just a pity that the rubbish creeps back again....


On the other side, we still get some nasty pollution. During the year we have drawn the attention of the Environment Health Department to pollution in the River Roche, unpleasant smells from various factories, effluent from a poultry farm and a possibly dangerous metal reclamation concern.

The state of the Rochdale Canal is revolting at the various locks, but how can we stop the dumping of litter in it? If any member has any suggestions to stop litter pollution, we would be very glad to receive them.

Social Events

I hope members feel, as I do, that we had a very good year for social events. Thanks to the competence of many speakers, we have had a most interesting series of open meetings. We also organised, together with the Local History Society, a coach trip to Ravenglass on 29th July.

Since we have to rely on social events to swell the coffers, it is pleasing to record that, thanks to the very hard work of committee members, both the Annual Dance and the Christmas Social made healthy profits.

I would also like to record our thanks for the grant from the neighbourhood Facilities Fund, which enabled us to buy the projector, screen and display screens. These have been much used and appreciated.


We have a strong membership, we hope, well representing the different viewpoints of Littleborough residents, but supporting our basic purposes. There are 160 paid-up members, with 40 new members, this being mainly due to the diligence and hard work of our new Treasurer.

We are particularly pleased to have the support of an increasing number of young people (yes, teenagers) and, on the other hand, an equally active group of senior citizens, many of whom have lived in Littleborough all their lives.

Committee Membership

Three members of committee have resigned and I would like to thank Harry Giffin, Brian Clarke and Duncan McLennan for their work. We have especially appreciated Brian1s maps which formed the basis of our footpaths leaflets and Harry's work for the Country Park and the Pennine Park.


We now have a cover design donated by Keith Parry. The newsletter is our prime means of communication and we are very grateful to all those who are responsible for its regular appearance - the editor, Roy Prince, the contributors and the distributors. Its distribution is now no mean task with the increase in membership over what is quite a scattered population.

Finally, I would like to thank every member who has helped us in any way during 1979 and wish everyone success in 1980. If you have any suggestions or criticisms, please do let us know.



Footpath Group Walks

February 24th. Meet in the Square at 1.25pm for the 1.32pm bus to Gale.
Whitfield Farm - Hill Top Farm - Hey Head Farm - Grimes Farm - Top O'th Plough - Blue Pot Brook - Ringing Pots Hill Grimes Farm - St. James the Great - Shott Wood - Bent House Bridge - Canal Towpath. 4+ miles.

Silhouette of a hiker

March 9th. Meet at the Beach Hotel at l.45pm.
Hollingworth Lake - Turnough - Roundhouse - Antioch - Higher Abbots - Higher Fold - Syke - Higher Booth Hollins Mill - Rakewood - Dickey Steps - Higher Bib Knowl - Shaw Moss. 4+ miles.

March 23rd. Meet in the Square at l.45pm for the 2.00pm bus to White House.
Aiggin Stone — Roman Road - Packhorse Road - Higher Peak - Swainrod Lane - Sladen Fold — Gale — Carriage Drive. 5 miles.

March 30th. Meet in the Square at 1.30pm or King William IV at 1.45pm.
Higher Shore - Willow Stile - Wardle Brook - Stewards Barn - Hades Mill - Hades - Middle Hill - Cry Pasture - Broad Ing - High Wardle Lane - Slack Gate - Brown Wardle - Stid Fold - Clough House Farm - Law Flat - Howarth Knowl - Waterhouse Farm - Bench Carr - Birch Hill - Starring Wood - Middle Starring - Shore. 7 miles.

April 20th. Meet in the Square at 8.45am for 9.00am bus to Halifax.
Calderdale Way. Brighouse - Ripponden. 10 miles.

May 4th. Meet in the Square at 1.50pm for 2.00pm bus to Summit.
Smithy Nook — Long Hill - Grimes — Deardens Pasture — Forest House - Blue Pot Brook — Top O'th Clough - Turn Slack Clough - Green Wells - Lower Turn Slack - Flight Hill - Old Charles Hill - Turn Slack Hill - Fox Stones Hill - Forest House — Cuckoo Hill - Pasture House - Stoney Field - Calderbrook Road - Higher Newgate - Gorsey Hill Wood - Gale - Benthouse Bridge. 5 miles.

May 18th. Meet in the Square at 9.00am. Full Day Walk.

June 1st. Meet in the Square at l.50pm for the 2.00pm bus to Summit.
Long Lees - Warland - Stone house — Bottomley — Meadow Bottom - Lower Scout - Hollingworth Gate - Salter Rake Gate - Rake End - Top O'th Rough - Higher Knowl - Knowl Wood - Gauxholme Stones - Inchfield Road - Rake Head - Bam Lane - Height House - Ramsden Wood Road . 5 miles.

June 15th. Meet in the Square at 1.50pm for 2.00pm bus to Summit.
Reddyshore Scout Gate - Moor Bank Clough - Ferny Hill - Owler Clough - Allenden Hill - Subley Cross Hill - Crook Hill - Clay Pots Hill - Higher Stone Pits - Lower Stone Pits.


Looking Forward to a Community Centre for Littleborough

For many years we have needed a community centre in Littleborough. As all our members know, we have many thriving societies: local history, townswomen's guild, horticultural, youth groups, senior citizens groups, the band, and all of these have a common need for suitable meeting rooms. During the last few years, for various reasons, many of the halls which were formerly for hire have been closed to the public. For example, the Towns-women's Guild has to meet in a badly-heated prefab with constant interruptions. Requirements at the moment are a meeting room with catering facilities, and a multi-purpose hall with facilities for dramatics. (There are two amateur groups performing regularly and the possibility of visiting groups.) In addition it would be useful to have some space for exhibitions and a small 'heritage' centre giving a visual display of the development of Littleborough.

Many groups and individuals have searched for a suitable answer. I myself remember the strenuous efforts of the late Councillor Alice Holden and her fellow councillors to obtain funds for a new building and as for the attendant problems of finding a site… The only answer at the current time seemed to be to find an old building suitable for conversion, preferably in a conservation area. To acquire an old building meant that cash could be more easily obtained in the form of grants etc. Self-help seemed to be the order of the day.

Photograph: Old Coach House as it is

The Old Coach House as it is

After much searching we found in the Littleborough Central Conservation Area a building of historic interest, the coach house at the rear of the Falcon pub. All the interested parties got together, including representatives of the Community Association, the Townswomen's Guild and the Civic Trust and agreed that the building was suitable for conversion and well-sited centrally. At a public meeting held on 15th November a Steering Committee representing all those who wanted to participate was given the go-ahead for the project.

The owners, Tetley Walker Ltd., have been most cooperative and offered the building to us on a 25 year lease at a nominal rent of £200 p.a.. Currently the building is rented to the old-established joinery firm of England Bros., the two brothers now intending to retire. They have also been most enthusiastic about the project and it is hoped that we will be able to preserve some of their tools and artefacts, ideally in a working environment as part of the heritage centre.

The project could not have got so far without the backing and generous support of Fothergill and Harvey Ltd. They have hot only given us technical and professional advice, but have donated cash as evidence of their good faith in the venture. Firm support has also been promised from Rochdale M. B. Council, Greater Manchester ‘County’ Council and the Pennine Development Trust. We expect that the (heritage part of the centre will be supported by the National Civic Trust/Carnegie Trust. Our M.P., the Rt. Hon. Joel Barnett has congratulated us on our 'imaginative’ proposals and is also exploring other sources for funding.

We are very pleased also to have the assistance of David Ellis and his fourth-year architecture students from Manchester Polytechnic. As part of their final year project, seven students have been working on possible designs for the conversion of the Coach House. We have also had offers from volunteer groups e.g. C.S.O. and the Scouts to tackle practical problems of rubbish-clearing etc.

The Steering Committee has now arranged a follow-up meeting. Full details are in the diary. All Civic Trust members will be most welcome.




A further issue in the second series, 1: 50,000 is sheet 109 - Manchester.

Recent issues from Bartholomew’s include a holiday map of the Cotswolds and West Midlands at 4 miles to the inch.

Footpath Guide Review The Limey Way by John Merrill - Dalesman, 32 pages at 60p. This long distance footpath runs through 18 of the limestone dales for a distance of 40 miles, from Castleton to Thorpe in Dovedale.


We are sorry to learn of the death of Mr. J. Bolam who had been a Trust member for several years. Mr. Bolam was formerly Headmaster of Littleborough High School.


Spring Programme

All open meetings are held on Thursdays at 8.00pm in the Oddfellows’ Room, 66, Church Street, Littleborough.

21st February. 'Footpaths'. Slides, questions and discussion.

20th March. 'Comparisons of Old and New Todnorden'. An illustrated talk by Mr.Geoff Knowles of Todmorden.

17th April. Details to be announced.


Littleborough Community Centre Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (Chairman, Mr. Alan Lawson) wishes to announce that there will be a PUBLIC MEETING on Monday, 18th February at 8.00pm in the Conservative Club, Peel Street, Littleborough. This meeting is being called as a result of the resolution taken at the open meeting held on the 'Community Centre' on 15th November 1979. The purpose of the meeting will be threefold:

The steering committee will report on progress so far.

To form an organising committee representative of all groups and individuals who wish to use or help with the centre.

To have the opportunity to meet the students and their supervisor from Manchester Polytechnic who have been working on proposed designs for the conversion of the Coach House. The students will explain their different ideas with reference to sketches drawings and three-dimensional models.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


We are pleased to announce the birth of twin boys to Caroline (née Pickis) and Steven MOSS, our former Treasurer.


Our Debt to the Forest

Drawing: Some trees

Trees are surely among the best chosen gifts of nature to man.

From rain and from the scorching sun they afford shelter, whilst from the pressure of the blast they protect our homes and our gardens.

They provide the matchstick from which we procure a light and the log which blazes in our grate; they give us the door by which we enter our dwelling, the beam and rafter that support our roof, the floor on which we tread.

For our meals they give us the table, for our rest the bed; for our household and farm tools the handle, for our travel the boat; for our evening smoke the pipe, for our worship the church pew.

At life's beginning they present us with the cradle, at our journey's end the coffin. Music is in their leaves, nourishment in their fruits and whether in vast forests, in woodlands, in stately avenues, in parks, in gardens, or standing in solitary grace, they furnish a third part of the whole world's beauty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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