As you probably know, Rae Street has been editor of the Newsletter since Gill Joiner left us a year ago. Our thanks are due to Rae for doing the Job so efficiently and in addition to her other work for the Trust.

Now that I am taking over I am hoping that for this issue there will be no very noticeable difference. My main concern at the moment is to get the mechanics of the production right.

I realise that, living where I do, I am not well placed to receive contributions by hand - except from other lake dwellers - and so Lincoln Jackson has kindly offered to accept contributions for the newsletter at his shop, if you find it difficult to get them to me.

Roy Prince

We give below a list of Officers and Committee together with their telephone numbers, addresses and special interests and hope this will help if you wish to contact any of them


Chairwoman: Rae Street. Calder Cottage, Hare Hill Road. Tel. 78043
Interests: All aspects of the environment.

Vice Chairman: Don Pickis. Lightowlers, Blackstone Edge. Tel 78849
Interests: Planning, Parks Subcommittee.

Secretary: Bernard Harrison. "Tumblin Croft', Paul Row. Tel 78013.
Interests: The Countryside

Treasurer: Steven Moss. 183 Todmorden Rd. Tel 79496
Interests: Finance

Press Officer: Keith Parry. 3, Prospect St. Tel 79883
Interests: Transport, Rochdale Canal, History

Footpaths Secretary: John Hindle, 5, Chichester Close. Tel. 70407
Interests: Footpaths. Organisation of trips

Minutes Secretary: Betty Pickis. Lightowlers, Blackstone Edge. Tel. 78849.
Interests: The environment. Planning.

Newsletter Editor: Roy Prince. 14,Milbury Drive. Tel. 78883
Interests: Newsletter, Walking.


Brian Clarke. 6 Oak Hill, Bents Farm
Interests: Walking

Richard Evans. 8,Charles Street
Interests: Local History, Walking

Harry Giffin. Windy Ridge , Blackstone Edge Old Road. Tel. 78897
Interests: The Pennine Park

Alma Harper. 9 Gatehouse ,Blackstone Edge Old Road. Tel 79914
Interests: Local History

Lincoln Jackson. 1 Moorfield View, Shore. Tel 70542
Interests: Walking,Local History.

Rita Kay. Old Lodge Inn, Rakewood. Tel 79573
Interests: The environment, Hollingworth Lake.

Marie1 Sugden. 5,Moorside ,Blackstonedge Old Road. Tel 70106
Interests: Natural History, The countryside.

Geoffrey Sutcliffe. 14, Bucklet Terrace, Rochdale. Te1 40369
Interests: Walking. Natural History.

Ann Sykes. Clough Head Farm, Calderbrook. Tel 79651
Orienteering, The countryside

Tom Walker. 70 West View, Ealees. Tel 76666.
Interests: The environment



We were sorry to lose two members of the Committee at the AGM - Philip Darnbrough and John Stanley who have both given us much help over the past three years. They will, however , continue as Trust Menbers.

Alan Ashworth resigns from the Committee as from Easter. He is getting married and moving away from Littleborough. We send our heartiest congratulations to Alan and his wife, Joyce, and hope that they will be able to get over to see us from time to time as they have promised.

Rae Street



Photograph: Old charabanc

The price has had to be increased due to the cost of hiring the coach which is £60 for the full day or £45 for a haIf day. The cost per person is based on a profit margin of around £2 and the ratio of adults to children that we have had in the past.

Therefore the cost is as follows:

Adults £2.25
Children £1.50.

This price also applies to the full day excursion on 24th July to Beverley Minster and Burton Constable Hall.

The cost of the trip to Rufford Old Hall and Southport on September 25th will be:

Adults £1.75
Children £1.25.

Anyone wishing to go on these trips please contact any committee member or call at Lincoln Jackson's, 5, Hare Hill Road. Names are now being taken.

THE TRIP ON SUNDAY, MAY 22nd: Leave The Square , 9am, A6033, A646, A56, A682, A65 to Kirby Lonsdale, A688, Sedburgh, Kirkby Stephen. A685, Brough, A66, Bowes, A67, Barnard Castle for Lunch.

Afternoon Tea will be available at Bowes Museum for those who require it at extra cost.

Leave Barnard Castle at about 5pm. Travel via A67, B6276 to A1. A1 to Ferrybridge , M62 to Milnrow. Arrive Littleborough around 8.30 pm

John Hindle




Photograph: steam engine

The rather hurriedly arranged train trip to Hebden Bridge to commemorate the opening of Summit Tunnel in 1841 was a resounding success. The driver of the 11. 26am on March 5th was shaken rigid to see 60 people jammed in a bunch on the platform at Littleborough. He rattled us through to Hebden Bridge in fine style.

We filled the Information Centre for a slide show, some of us took a stroll - lead by Alan Ashworth - along the towpath of the canal, then trundled back to Littleborough.

There was, of course, a reason behind this boost to BR's funds. Once again there are rumours of cuts on the line between Manchester and Leeds /Bradford. The Yorkshire end of the line is heavily subsidised by West Yorkshire County Council and they may - just may - decide to remove the subsidy at the end of 1977. If that happens then ultimately – we lose our passenger service, perhaps not immeidaely, but it would simply not be economic for BR to keep a shuttle service going between Todmorden and Manchester.

On the other hand , our local railway is a line of great attraction, as well as giving us fast and convenient travel.

It has considerable potential, considering the growing tourist and visitor trade in the South Pemine area. It would be a great shame if, for want of a bit of effort, the line were allowed to lose its passenger service.

There’s already a group in Upper Calderdale campaigning to keep the line, so rather than forming simply another group, the Trust is sponsoring the formation of a society to draw attention to the attraction and amenity of the route and to promote its use.

The Inaugural Meeting of this new group will take place at The Oddfellows - 66 Church Street , Littleborough on Monday , April 25th at 8pm. Please come along.

Keith Parry



It was with great sadness that we learnt of the sudden death of Geoff Wilson in January this year. Geoff loved Littleborough and its surroundings and was always a keen supporter of all our projects. In addition he was always a wonderful person to be with. He was friendly and never unkind. His enthusiasm and sense of fun enlivened many a Trust meeting. To take only one example of the energy he put into our projects - he was a principal contributor to our report proposing a country park at Hollingworth Lake.

In helping with this he wrote a history of the Lake, walked all the footpaths, talked to residents and farmers about the lake and its surroundings and helped conduct a traffic survey.

We extend the sympathy of all the members of the Trust to his widow, Joyce.

With Joyce's agreement, the committee has decided to set up "THE GEOFF WILSON MEMORIAL FUND".

Geoff loved maps dearly so, at Joyce's suggestion, the fund will be used to buy a map, probably a relief map, to be installed in the Ealees Information Centre, Hollingworth Lake .

Contributions to the fund may be handed to the Treasurer, Steven Moss, 183 Todmorden Rd, or handed in to Lincoln Jackson at his shop, 3, Hare Hill Rd.

Cheques may be made out to "The Geoff Wilson Memorial Fund", posted to The Treasurer or handed in at the Yorkshire Bank,Church Street, Littleborough.




Picture: Dancers in silhouette

Our Grand Fancy Dress Dance held on 11th March was a very good do - profitable too, as it made approximately £45.

There were plenty of people in costumes which displayed a good deal of imagination and ingenuity. Everyone, whether in fancy dress or not, enjoyed the fun and the band kept the music going for dancing. There were prizes for spot dances and for the fancy dress - even bananas for the gorillas .

The French onion seller sold his onions, the gypsy sold her pegs and so added to the Trust’s profit. Cakes were given as prizes in the raffle and, as winner of one of these, I can confirm its quality. Although quite large, it was quickly dispatched to where all good cakes ought to go. Rae Street made the cake and here is the recipe so that you too may try a Cumberland Cake without having to wait to win one.

Roy Prince

Cumberland Cake – An economical North Country Cake.

Photograph: Currant cake


1lb. plain flour
Or 8oz plain flour mixed with 8oz wholemeal
½lb soft brown sugar
¼lb currants
½lb raisins
1oz candied peel
1 egg
1 tablespoon black treacle
6oz lard or 3oz lard and 3 oz butter
½ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon grated nutmeg
½ pint milk
1 wineglass vinegar

Rub fat into flour and dry ingredients. Warm milk and dissolve soda with a little milk. Pour into mixture, add beaten egg and lastly vinegar. Stir well. Place in greased and lined tin and bake in a moderate oven (electric 325f) for about 2 hours.



It is encouraging to see children and young men and women taking part in so many of the Trust's activities. Although we see them, we do not really hear their views. They must have ideas about the Trust, Littleborough, amenities for the young in the area and so on and it would please us to provide space in our Newsletter for contributions from any young members.



9 pm Thursday April 21st. "Oddfellows" - 66 Church St.

Chris Makepeace " "The Camera And the Local Historian"

Chris Makepeace is the author of the "Manchester As It Was" series of books.



Our Silver Jubilee oak tree was planted, near to the Information Centre on the Ealees car park on Saturday 19th March by the Rt. Hon. Joel Barnett, MP.

After planting the tree Mr Barnett said that, as a person who was fond of trees, he very much appreciated the efforts of the Civic Trust and others in the area who wore adding to our tree population. He had been told that in recent years over a million trees had been lost as a result of Dutch Elm Disease and other causes.

Our Royal Oak now stands majestically in its position and we hope that it will be appreciated by future generations - human, feathered and canine.



It is now almost a year since the society was formed, a year which can easily be described as successful. The meetings have been well attended, giving opportunities for members and visitors to meet a wide range of interesting and entertaining topics.

The accumulation of photographs and written records is giving the society an enviable collection which has already been used by people outside the society for research purposes.

We ask you again to look in that tin box, where you might have just the photo or pamphlet we need. Nothing is too trivial.

We intend staging a 'jubilee' exhibition on 4th June at Victoria Street Methodist School.

If you have any photos, souvenir plates cracked with cooking, spoons given free in 1953 etc. we should be glad to have them. The first Jubilee photo record is dated 1897. There have been a lot more Jubilees since then, so if you can remember anything worth remembering let us know. Better still, let us remember it by you lending us some exhibits for the day. AGAIN, nothing is too trivial.

The next trip organised by the society is a tour of the Manchester Ship Canal. This includes a coach trip visiting points of interest on the canal and a sail on part of the waterway. This is a joint venture with the Rochdale Canal Society. We know they will make it interesting so let's join in. The provisional date is July 9th.


April 30th. Visit/Guided Tour of Parish Church. Meet at Church 11.30 am.

May 12th. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Oddfellows. Further details. Richard Evans , 8, Charles Street or Alan Luke 34,Cecil Street. Tel 79949



AUGUST 15th 1976

Only five members turned up for this walk - a pity as it was a lovely sunny day and we were to pass through some lovely country - Malham village, Malham Cove and Malham Tarn.

We left Airton and followed the east bank of the River Aire northwards as far as Hanlith. Here we found that the official Pennine Way signpost was pointing the wrong way. We crossed the bridge and took the lane alongside to the west bank of the river. After 200 yards or so a path left the Lane and climbed a bank behind an old watermill. The path continued alongside the mill and here we had our lunch.

Just beyond this spot is the source of the River Aire at Aire Head Springs and it was bone dry. We continued along the field paths to Malham and took the opportunity to have a drink at the Buck Inn.

Continuing along the road we came to the wall stile which led us to the base of Malham Cove and the steep ascent to the limestone pavement above it. This, for me, was the highspot of the walk so far.

After crossing the limestone pavement, the way goes through the miniature ravine of Troutgate across the open moor of Prior Rakes to the Malham Moor Road. After this it enters the nature reserve of which Malham Tarn is a part. The walk finished at Waterhouses after a mile or so of walking alongside the Tarn. (To be continued. )

The next section walked was from the White House to the main road at Charlestown,Hebden Bridge.

John Kindle



Picture: Hiker in silhouette

April 23rd-24th. Weekend Walk - Meet The Square 3pm Saturday.

Dinner, Bed and Breakfast at Horton-in-Ribblesdale
Sunday - The Pennine Way from Horton-in-Ribblesdale to Hawes. 14 miles.

Will those who have booked for this weekend please let John Hindle have £2 per person before 23rd April. This is for the cost of the minibus £13 and a deposit of £l0. This deposit will be returned to us when the minibus is returned.

May 3th. Full Day Walk - Leader: Roy Prince - Meet The Square 9am.

Pateley Bridge Circular 9 miles

May 15th. Leader: Roy Prince - Meet The Square 2pm

Ealees - Owlet Hall - Shore Lane Farm - Rough Road - Doldrum - Tunshill ~ Lower Cross - Nest - Lake Bank 5 miles

May 29th. Meet The Square 2pm - Leader: John Hindle

Cars to Mankinholes. Long Drag - Withins Gate - Red Dykes - Stony Royd Kilnshaw Lane - Horse Hold - Beaumont Clough Road - Cruttonstall – Thorpes Highway - London Road. 5 miles

June 12th. Full Day Walk - Leader: John Hindle. Meet The Square 9am

Settle Circular 10miles

June 26th. Leader - Richard Evans. Meet The Square 1.30pm.

Cars to Hebden Bridge. Canal Towpath - Broadbottom - Great Burlees – Chisley - Bog Eggs - Delf End - Pecket Well - Hardcastle Crags - Hebden Bridge. 5 miles

July 10th. Leader: John Kindle. Meet The Square 1.30pm.

Bus to Bank Mill. Cotton Stones ~ Parkin Ha11 - Long Edge Moor - Blackwood Comnon - Mirey Lane -Stake Lane. 5 miles

July 17th. Full Day Walk. Leader: Margaret Padmanabhan - Meet The Square 9am.

Bolton Abbey - 4.miles Ilkley Moor 5 miles.


Editor: Roy Prince

Front cover designed by Keith Parry

Stencils by Keith Parry

Printing assistance by Mariel Sugden