Picture: Tree with falling leaves

The newsletter editor is always pleased to receive contributions to be considered for inclusion. The views expressed in the newsletter do not necessarily reflect official LCT policy or opinion.

It is expected that anyone who wishes to make use of any material from the newsletter will seek the approval of the editor Michael Farrell, 41 Hollingworth Road, Littleborough. Tel. 70154.


Chairwoman: Betty Pickis, Lightowlers, Blackstone Edge. Tel. 78849

Vice Chairman: Roy Prince, 14 Milbury Drive, Tel. 78883.

Secretary: Judith Schofield, 4 Bottoms, Cragg Vale, Mytholmroyd. (0472) 885173

Treasurer: Geoff Sutcliffe, 14 Buckley Terrace, Wardle, Tel. 40369.

Membership Secretary: Lincoln Jackson, 1 Moorfield View, Shore. Tel. 70542

Minutes Secretary: Pauline Hopkinson, 12 Glencoe Place, Rochdale. 522447


Richard Evans, 8 Charles St.
Mike Farrell, 41 Hollingworth Road, 70154.
Rae Street, Calder Cottage, 76043.
Alf Tortoiseshell, Edgemoor, Blackstone Edge Old Road. 79507
Jill Roberts, 12 Whitfield Brow, Todmorden Road.74175
David Hall, 6 Nelson Street
Daniel Docker, 93 Church Street. 72001

Please pass on any suggestions that you have about the Trust and its work to any of the above.



The Editor offers his humble apologies for two major mistakes which crept into the last newsletter. Firstly thanks to all those loyal members who contacted Lincoln to pay their 1991 subscriptions as a result of the misleading notice that was printed. This was merely a reminder to those few that have not paid up for this year and should of course have read 1990. Subscriptions for 1991 do not become due until 1st January, next year.

Apologies are also due to our newest committee member Dan Docker for printing a wrong address at the front of the newsletter. This has now been corrected.



The Civic Trust was very sad to learn of the death recently of Harry Clayton, who had been a member of the L.C.T. for many years.

Harry, although not an active member of the Trust, did a lot behind the scenes on our behalf in the early days when relationships between the then L.U.D.C. and a somewhat astringent newly formed L.C.T. caused a few feathers to fly in the corridors of power locally. His calming influence was much appreciated and he helped us to establish a good working relationship with the local Council and its officers.

We appreciated his giving up his time also to Chair our A.G.M.'s on several occasions in the past and also the positive supporting part he played in helping to preserve the Steanor Bottom Toll House.

His example has always been an encouragement.

BETTY PICKIS, Chairwoman



Photograph: baby plant

The Trust is aiming to achieve a Tree Bank or Nursery to provide a source of predominantly native trees and shrubs for community use and, at a low cost, for private local use.

Do you have or know of, a spare plot of land in Littleborough (preferably around half an acre - though any sie considered) for purchase, lease or gift?

If so please contact any Committee member.



The late Summer/Autumn has brought quite a variety of tasks for Trust members this year - but then Littleborough does hold quite a variety of potentials (or problems).

Public toilets have achieved prominence and written response to the Trust's condemnation of their closure have now been received from our M.P., the leader of the Council and the Environmental Health Officer, the latter of whom states that in view of the tourism potential of Littleborough the Council is endeavouring to identify means of financing the costs of running the town centre toilets from next year.

A copy of our new pamphlet is enclosed; please pass it on to a neighbour or other local friend to help spread the word about the Trust.

Thanks are again due to the Plysu plc for their sponsorship, but most particularly to John Robinshaw (Hartley’s Printers) a Trust member, who not only printed the pamphlet but also made a most generous donation.

The Trust Committee wishes to express a special welcome to new members who have joined, many as a result of the pamphlet - we do hope you will be able to partake in Trust activities and please do not hesitate to contact any Committee member with any ideas - telephone numbers and addresses are on the front page.

Representations have been made over the past quarter to the Council on various planning matters which included:

  • a) The future use and deterioration of the Shealings, Hollingworth Lake.
  • b) The conversion of farm buildings at Bent House Farm.
  • c) Replacement shop frontages within the Town Centre Conservation Area.
  • d) Support for the conversion of the mill at Clegg into residential units.

Plus our continuing policy of encouraging a viable sympathetic development and use for redundant agricultural buildings throughout the area.

Photograph: Warning sign of 21st party ahead

A note for future action. Littleborough Civic Trust's 2lst Birthday is not far from the horizon. If anyone, members or otherwise, does have any suggestions for any specific action or celebration - please do let us know.

Committee work does involve much action, much of it unseen. Many discussions are held with local people, as well as amenity, public and political bodies. The common element we have found to exist between all, is a desire, albeit by different means and within different constraints, to improve the Littleborough environment. The Trust endeavours to work with all these groups and depends on your support and feed hack to help achieve this aim.

A recent example of this desire is the Listening to Littleborough pamphlet. This provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to become involved in the future of our town. The Steering Group is looking for local opinion - please do be positive and do not forget the Open Meeting at the Community School on Saturday 24th November. This is your town and your opportunity to become involved.




Photograph: Public footpath waysign

We have received a fair amount of correspondence on footpaths recently, much of which has been new material on rights of way published by the Countryside Commission which will take a while to fully digest. However, we have also been consulted by the Pennine Way Alignment Project about plans to officially move the Pennine Way from the theoretical (particularly on the ground!) official route to the "Wainwright route" that 997. of walkers use, over Blackstone Edge. These are commonsense proposals and we will not therefore be making any objections.

On Footpath 121, Shore Road, we have been frustrated to see that the blockage remains in place, but we have had a (belated) response from the Local Authority to the effect that the matter is in the hands of solicitors so there has at least been some progress. Thanks are due to Councillor Colin Bleach for his assistance in this matter.

The Winter 1991 programme was drawn up at a meeting in October. We would be delighted to have more members contributing walks and ideas. The Summer Programme will be drawn up at a meeting at Harehlll Park Council Offices on Tuesday 26th February, 1991, at 8 p.m. Please come along, refreshments are available.

Sunday, DECEMBER 2nd. Leader - JOE or BETTY TAYLOR. Meet Square 1.30pm.
Lane Head Circular.

5 miles.

Sunday, DECEMBER 16th. Leader - ROY PRINCE. Meet Square 1.30pm.
Clegg Hall Circular.

5 miles.

Sunday, DECEMBER, 30th. Leader - MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet Square 1.30pm.
Canal Towpath - Sladen Fold - Stormer Hill.

5 miles.

Sunday, JANUARY 13th. Leader - ROY PRINCE. Meet Littleborough Square 1.45pm.
Stubley Mill - Birch Hill.

4˝ miles.

Sunday, JANUARY 27th. Leader MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet Littleborough Square 1.45pm.
Turn Slack - Calderbrook.

5 miles.

Sunday, FEBRUARY 10th. Leader - JOHN HINDLE. Meet Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre 1.30pm.
Turnough - Tunshill - Schofield Hall.

7 miles.

Sunday, FEBRUARY 24th. Leader - ALF WARD. Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm or Ogden Car Park 1.45pm.
Ogden Reservoir.

6 miles.

Sunday, MARCH 10th. Leader - ROY PRINCE. Meet Lake Visitor Centre 1.45pm.
Lake Bank - Nicholas Pike - Piethorne.

5˝ miles.

Sunday, MARCH 24th. Leader MICHAEL FARRELL. Meet Littleborough Square 1.45pm.
Booth Wood Circular.

5 – 6 miles.

Sunday, April 7th. Leader - JOHN HINDLE. Meet Littleborough Square 9.30am.
Owd Betts circular.

11 miles.

Sunday, April 21st. Leader - JOE TAYLOR. Meet Littleborough Square 1.30pm.
Helmshore Circular.

5 miles.



Photograph: Sunrise

The canal lies hidden by a
silent blanket of mist,

And at four in the morning
every leaf, bird and flower are kissed.

Awake once again.
thrust forward your beauty.

Let a new day begin,
though its not really your duty.

Like specs of dust,
we stand and stare

At the vast network of nature
in our keeping and care.

The sun starts to rise over
Blackstone Edge,

Shortly the dew wi11
Lose its pledge.

It's just kept happy the trees,
the flowers and the grass,

But the new dawn is shortly
going to pass.

How busy now the birds,
the dawn chorus they are singing,

Out swim the ducks with their
families clinging.

Two herons fly off
to the quarry pond,

And all the cows will be collected
before too long.

It's milking time for them,
and feeding time for the hens

And from them the food
for us they send.



I being alone on the moors near-by,
I heard the curlew giving its cry,
It's sunny and warm,
The breeze brushes my cheek,
The blue skies above
Echo blessings to come.

The buttercups are dancing,
And the bluebells join in
But the heather lies tangled
So just gives a grin.
I hear the trickle of water
Lazily flowing by
Over stones down the hillside
Never stopping to sigh.

Drawing: Curlew

The view is awesome
As I rise and look,
Over rooftops and valleys,
Over forest and farms,
I can now see the lake
The hills holding it gripped,
Like a babe in arms.
A wild duck flies effortlessly
Away off to my right,
I suppose he's gone finding
A patch for to-night.

Oh well, I'd better be going,
'Til the next time I ramble
Over meadows and field,
To high on the moor
In this glorious spot,
I'll look forward to coming As soon as I can,
God willing if I'm able
To roam once again.



Programme of Events 1990/91.

All monthly meetings will be held in the Coach House.

December 15th. Mr. G. Kelsall. Collecting old Books.


January 10th. Open Meeting. The Society Collection.

February 14th. Mr. N. Redhead. Archæology in Greater Manchester.

March 14th. Visit to Rochdale Local Studies.

April 11th. Mrs. A. Ridgeon. Elizabeth Raffald.


Thanks to:
K. Farrell for typing the master copy.
Judith Schofield for the photocopying.
All contributors and distributors.

We wish to thank the Countryside Commission and the Yorkshire Bank PLC for their generous financial assistance which has enabled Littleborough Civic Trust to obtain reprographic equipment for the production of this newsletter and other printed items.


Editor: Michael Farrell