January Newsletter

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Have you had your say in what you like (or otherwise!) about the buildings or public areas around Littleborough? Any Littleborough resident wishing to propose an item for inclusion in one of the categories should send Mike Price their suggestions at  thegoodthebadtheugly@btinternet.com.  Just give us a few details about it and why you have suggested it. A photograph would be welcome but is not essential.

The Good can be anything that is pleasing, either abstract such as a community service or visual such as a well designed shop window display or a pleasing landscape feature.

The Bad, again can be abstract or visual, such as a lack of car parking or a poorly designed road layout are an example of each.

The Ugly is very much a visual aspect, examples of which can be derelict land/buildings, overgrown landscapes, features not in keeping with the local area.

if you want to see some example of what has already been suggested, go to the LCT website by clicking HERE Entries must be in by the end of February and judging will take place in early March.

Outings: After the success of the LCT Members outing to Chester, we are looking to organise at least another two Members outing during the coming year. So, watch this space as the numbers will be limited on each trip.

Signage Sub-Group: The LCT sub-group that are getting together to review the tourist signage around Littleborough are making great progress and are being fully supported by RMBC. The first project is a properly signed walk around some of the key buildings in the town centre.

Planning Permission for the Former Akzo Nobel Site - Many of you may be aware that planning permission was recently granted to "Homes England" who are the new owners of the former Akzo Nobel site off Hollingworth Road. The site has been a site of controversy for quite some time. We believe that LCT has managed to achieve a compromise with Homes England which will ensure that the voice of the people of Littleborough can be taken properly into consideration. We will be able to give much more detailed information about how this might work best in the next few weeks.

Conservation Sub-Group: The LCT are bringing together representatives from the Archaeological and History Society and the C-operative History Group and LCT to look how appropriate the current conservation areas are and what needs to be included. The group's first meeting will be with Sue Oakley, (RMBC's Conservation Officer) on the 31st. We'll keep LCT members up to date and seek your opinions whenever possible.

Littleborough Canalside Development Sub-Group: The group are still in the process of gaining planning permission for the Riverboat Cafe as it has had to be delayed whilst waiting for access to a building on Schofield Street so the boat's preparation can properly get underway.

National Civic Day - June 2018 - Working title - Rock in the Park: Thanks to Angie Walker who has taken on the lead of organising an event for this day and, in her efficient way, things are already coming together. The "working title" gives you some idea about what we have in mind! We're going to need volunteers so, again, watch this space.

Best regards,

Peter Hook
Chairman - Littleborough Civic Trust