Members present:
Ian Jackson, Michael Price, Gillian Price, Barry Cropper, Shaun Clancy, Ann Stott, John Kay, Julian Farnell, Carl Clancy, Rae Street, Richard Lysons & John Stanley

The meeting was opened by Ian Jackson at 7.30pm

1. Apologies for absence:
Janet Emsley, Vivienne Ashworth & Nick Andrews

2. Minutes of previous meeting on the 11th Setember and matters arising
Apologies from Ian Jackson. He has been unable to locate the letter from the Chief Executive of Civic Voice and has therefore not distributed this

3. Chairman's Report
Ian Jackson brought forward Item 10 from the agenda:
Network Rail
David McSorley from Network Rail came to address the meeting regarding the proposed changes to Littleborough Railway Station as the Littleborough Civic Trust had raised concerns regarding the moving of the access steps.
David informed the meeting that Network Rail had an obligation to increase its train size to six carriages by December. To achieve this the platforms on both sides of the track needed extending and in doing so meant the steps on the Manchester to Leeds platform would need moving. Network Rail submitted a Prior Approval Application to Rochdale Council which was approved.
He discussed the rationale behind this application and assured the meeting all would be done to keep the look of the station as they were aware in was within a Conservation Area.
It would seem that as permission has been granted the work will go ahead. Should Littleborough Civic Trust still have concerns these should be addressed to the Planning Department at Rochdale Council. Ian Jackson to pursue this.

4. Secretary's Report
Civic Voice subscription has now been paid, otherwise funds are as before.
Michael Price informed the meeting that all members would now receive an agenda and minutes.

5. Financial Report
John Kay has received an invoice for room hire of £300 which needs to be paid

6. Membership Report
Littleborough Civic Trust has 33 paid up members. 1 member still to renew membership

7. Flood Resilience Group Update.
Flood Hub is a new website linked to the National Flood Forum that should be launching November/December. It is an information site that the public can access to receive help and advice in the case of flooding. This website will have a link to Littleborough Civic Trust.
Members of the group attended a workshop with the National Flood Forum and Manchester Metropolitan University. This meeting was to discuss the application for funding to pursue various activities regarding flooding in the Littleborough area. Updates will be given as these progress.

8. Canalside & River Trust
Ian Jackson had nothing to report from the Canal and River Trust but Julian Farnell updated the meeting on the Café Boat. Refurbishment is now well under way and he has taken photographs that will be uploaded to the Littleborough Civic Trust website and a Facebook page

9. Planning Applications
None to discuss

10. Network Rail
See Chairman's Report above.

11. Civic Voice
Civic Voice is holding its AGM on 20th October in Birmingham. If anyone is interested in going please apply online.

12. Social Media
It is planned to resume regular updates of Trust affairs on the Trust Facebook page. Michael Price will hopefully be working with Manchester Metropolitan University to improve our profile on Social Media

13. Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 6th November at 7.30 pm at Hare Hill House followed by a shortened Littleborough Civic Trust meeting

14. Any Other Business
The Charity Commission has sent a newsletter to Ian Jackson. He will forward this to John Kay for reference

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

Next Meeting Annual General Meeting and shortened Committee Meeting on 6th November at 7.30pm at Hare Hill House.

All members are welcome