Members present:
Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F Kay, Iain S Gerrard, Nick Andrews, Gillian Price, Janet Hook, Mike Price, Janet Emsley & Barry Cropper.

1. The meeting opened at 7.00 pm with Peter Hook welcoming everyone.

2. Apologies for absence: Carl Clancy; Angie Walker & Julian Farnell

3. Submissions for Any Other Business:None Received

4. Minutes of meeting of 10th April and matters arising: No matters arising.

5. Treasurers Report - John F Kay
Total in account £3484.16 of which £1317.82 is earmarked for the Canalside Development Group.

6. Conservation Area Group update - Peter Hook
The group met on 15th April for a walk around Littleborough to identify areas that need to be included, there is a follow up meeting on 9th May to discuss the findings and take the project to the next stage. The group has joined the Civic Voice Big Conservation Conversation which has access to other groups embarking on similar projects

7. Local Signage Group update - Janet Hook
Janet Hook presented the ideas that had been discussed by the group and handed out the appropriate documentation. The committee thanked Janet for the ongoing work that was being done and supported the ideas put forward

8. Planning Applications updates- All

9. University Partnership initiative- Nick Andrews
A grant of £665 has been allocated to take this project forward. The group will be working with Manchester University to gather data regarding flooding in the Littleborough area with a view to recommendations for flood alleviation.

10. AKZO site update - Peter Hook
Homes England are now in a position to meet with Littleborough Civic Trust to discuss the site; but some delays have been experienced due to personal reasons involving the Homes England representative.

11. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly scheme - Mike Price/All
The results have now been published and it was agreed we continue with this project. It was suggested that we open up the nominations to the wider community, maybe requesting nominations from September onwards with a decision made early 2019

12. Canalside Development Group update - John F Kay/Julian Farnell
Planning permission for the café boat to be used on the canal has now been approved. It is now time to work out a budget for refurbishment of the boat. The group has yet to identify a suitable place for the boat to be stored whilst refurbishment takes place. Janet Emsley indicated that the Schofield Street site was highly likely to be unfeasible as an option.

13. Flood Resilience Group update - Mike Price
The group welcomed the involvement of the University Partnership initiative and look forward to working with them if required.

14. News/Events/Rock in the ParkAll
It was felt that the timescale for this to take place this year was too short, albeit some progress had been made. After further discussion is was decided that this project should be a focus for 2019.

15. Any Other Business

Next Meeting 12th June 2018 at 7.00pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust