Members present:

Peter Hook, John F. Kay, Shaun Clancy, Angie Walker, Michael Price, Nick Andrews, Gillian Price, Iain S. Gerrard & Julian Farnell.

1. The meeting opened at 7.00pm with the Chairman Peter Hook welcoming everyone.

2. Apologies for absence were received from: Ian Jackson, Councillor Ann Stott, Carl Clancy & Murray Knight.

3. The previous minutes of 14th February were agreed.

4. Treasurer's Report - John F. Kay.

Subscriptions received amounted to £250.

Bank account stands at £4137.74 made up of £2267.92 for LCT and £1869.82 from/for Canalside Development Group.

5. Membership Renewal - Michael Price.

Michael Price to inform members that the cut-off date for renewal of membership is 31st March 2017. If no payment is made by this date individuals will be required to re-apply for membership through the normal channels.

6. Planning Applications - ALL

Proofings site – further concerns re contamination on site. Peter Hook to add an addendum to previous concerns re the need for a thorough survey.

Thamin Restaurant - Application for change of use to a House of Multiple Occupancy. Littleborough Civic Trust has no objection, as this does not come under the heritage and conservation area.

7. Civic Voice National Trust pass - Peter Hook/John F. Kay

Sunday 21st May was suggested for the visit to a National Trust Venue. Peter Hook and John F. Kay to decide venue and arrange for the passes.

8. Littleborough Canalside Development Group - John F. Kay

There is now money in the account to pay for any fees required to pursue planning applications. Once approved remaining monies can be used towards the refurbishment of the boat. The plan is to be up and running by Spring 2018

9. Flood Resilience Group Update - Angie Walker/Michael Price

The recent Drop-in event was very successful.

A ‘beta’ version pilot of Live Forecast for flooding in the area is taking place with the group’s members participating and testing the site for the Environmental Agency.

Michael Price, Ian Jackson and PG attended an Emergency Management Day organised by Greater Manchester Resilience Forum, held at Rochdale Police Station, 14th March, for all emergency and other services which may be required to attend in the event of a flood.

Children at Holy Trinity School are completing a project re the flooding in Littleborough and have invited members of the LCT Flood Resilience Group to attend an exhibition of their work at the school upon completion.

10. National Civic Day 2017 - Peter Hook

• Proposal for 3 walks on both days - Co-op walk, Newall walk and Heritage walk
• Poster competition for local schools
• Bring your own lunch day
• Oakenhoof to perform during the day
• Games for children in the park
• Coffee and cake in Hare Hill House
• Local groups to be encouraged to have their own stalls (John Kay to speak with Littleborough Events and Associations Forum)
• Possibility of Photography group organising a competition ' What do you like best about Littleborough'
• PH to produce a poster advertising the event
• Advertise on Rochdale online

10. Any Other Business.

Peter Hook asked Nick Andrews for an update on the Constitution application. There are still some questions to answer online before application can be sent - ongoing

Next meeting 11th April 2017. 7.00pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust