Members present:

Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F. Kay, Councillor Ann Stott, Shaun Clancy, Carl Clancy, Michael Price, Gillian Price, Iain S. Gerrard, Julian Farnell, Angie Walker & Tim Wood.

1. The meeting opened with the Chairman Peter Hook welcoming everyone.

2. No apologies for absence were received.

3. The previous minutes of 10th January were agreed.

4. Treasurer's Report - John F. Kay.

Subscriptions received from 23 members.

Monies for Canalside Development Group from donations by Littleborough Prosecution Society deposited into the bank account and ringfenced for use on Snack Bar Boat.

Balance in Civic Trust account as of 14th February = £2312.98.

5. Membership Renewal for Civic Voice - John F. Kay.

John Kay has received a renewal notice for Civic Voice. The cost is £1.50 per member. Everyone agreed that this would be renewed.

On renewal Littleborough Civic Trust members have access to a free pass to attend a National Trust site.

It was agreed that we should apply for this once we have had a discussion as to when and where would be useful to go. Agenda item for discussion at next meeting.

6. Planning Applications - ALL

There has been a re-submission of planning for the Rakewood site – Littleborough Civic Trust to copy letter of previous objections against this.

Littleborough Cricket Club have submitted a planning application to convert the first floor of the barn (now used for storage) into a flat for the professional cricketer. Littleborough Civic Trust have no major objections apart from we would like to see the conversation done with building materials used in keeping with the character of the barn.

There are two applications for properties in Smithybridge to be converted into convenience stores. These do not have an impact on the heritage or conservation area of Littleborough.

An application has been submitted for the development of land and buildings at the previous Leonard Cheshire Home site. Littleborough Civic Trust has no objection as this does not come under the heritage and conservation area.

7. Co-op History Group

A design for a plaque was presented by Peter Hook. This will be placed on the front of the building on Barehill Street when conversion work is competed.

8. Littleborough Canalside Development Group

Plans are ongoing for the Café Boat. Julian Farnell to continue discussions with Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council and the Canal and Riverside Trust. Once all applications are approved work can start on the boat and discussions can take place regarding what we would like to serve from the boat.

Cost for plans etc. to be funded from Canalside Development Group account.

Michael Price raised the question of security. This will be discussed in more detail when plans approved.

Disapproval of a local individual’s methods of fundraising for a Canalside Café on Canal Street were noted.

9. Flood Group Update - Michael Price

Ian Jackson and Michael Price recently attended a conference in London on behalf of the Flood Group. Ian Jackson gave a presentation on items discussed at the conference. This presentation will also be made public at the next RMBC Pennine Township meeting.

The presentations of all the speakers on the day are now in the public domain and can be found on the National Flood Forum’s website.

10. National Civic Day 2017 - Peter Hook

Peter Hook has invited various groups to attend a meeting to discuss events we may want to have on Civic Day. This will take place on 28th February 2017 at Hare Hill House from 6.30 pm.

11. Communications - Mike Price

Michael Price asked that all emails regarding Littleborough Civic Trust issues should be acknowledge to the sender to confirm delivery.

12. Pennine Township Meetings - Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson asked if a member of the Littleborough Civic Trust should attend the meetings. Ann Stott replied that not all meetings would be of interest to Littleborough Civic Trust but she would forward an agenda for each meeting so that Littleborough Civic Trust could decide if they needed a representative to be present.

13. Any Other Business.

Two matters were raised.

1) John Kay has details of a meeting in London to discuss a Government White Paper relating to more land being made available for development. Littleborough Civic Trust members could attend if they so wish.

2) Iain S. Gerrard has received a communication to enquire if Littleborugh Civic Trust would like to become a member of North West Association of Civic Trusts and Societies. This would cost £25 per annum. LCT decided against this.

Next meeting 14th March 2017. 7.00pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust