Members present:
Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F Kay, Iain S Gerrard, Nick Andrews, Ann Stott, Julian Farnell, Janet Emsley & Barry Cropper.

1. The meeting opened at 7.00 pm with Peter Hook welcoming everyone.

2. Apologies for absence:Angie Walker, Shaun Clancy, Carl Clancy, Mike Price & Gillian Price

3. Submissions for Any Other Business:Membership Application Received

4. Matters arising from previous minutes: The minutes were agreed with no matters arising

5. Treasurers Report - John F Kay
Funds totalling £3449.12 comprising Littleborough Civic Trust funds of £2121.30 and £1317.82 ringfenced for Canalside Development Group
John Kay was advised of room hire fee now due

6. Pennine Business & Tourism Forum - John F Kay & Nick Andrews
The meeting was informed that ‘Pennine Prospects’, a Government Agency are looking at attempts to create a regional park, i.e. Lake/Peak Districts, for the Pennine region and have funding available to successful applicants who submit an application by 20th March 2018.
Nick Andrews is to submit one.

7. RMBC response to adverse weather situations in Littleborough - Ian Jackson
Ian Jackson asked of Janet Emsley re the poor road conditions in Littleborough on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March in comparison to the roads in Calderdale, which were navigable having been extensively treated. Janet Emsley stated that Calderdale had requested that RMBC major roads be left untreated as Calderdale could not cope with the volume of traffic !!!
Janet Emsley stated that Greater Manchester Police were to hold a debrief meeting, which she is attending
Ian Jackson then unsuccessfully requested an email response of matters raised. Janet Emsley stated a verbal one would have to suffice.

8. Barker's Wood update - Peter Hook
The time is now appropriate to submit an application for funding from Crook Hill Community Funds to facilitate the construction of a children’s playground.

9. Conservation Area Group update - Peter Hook
The group are receiving training/advice/guidance from RMBC’s Conservation Officer, to draw up the new proposed area.

10. Local Signage Group update - Peter Hook
Funding is actively being sought to create new signage. The Co-op are also taking an interest in the group. To date several walks have been created, including a history walk.

11. Planning Applications updates (including Rakewood)- All
As of the creation of this document, RMBC have deferred putting Rakewood before the planning committee. Their Planning Department, prior to this, had recommended acceptance of the development, ignoring all data gathered and delaying replies.

12. Community – University Partnership initiative - Nick Andrewsd
Nick Andrews advised that there is the possibility to work with Manchester University on projects such as the Northern Forest (mentioned in previous minutes).

13. Peak & Northern Footpaths Society - Peter Hook/Nick Andrews/Ian Jackson
Ian Jackson had received an email from Peak & Northern Footpaths Society regarding a forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting. Iain Spencer Gerrard stated that the now defunct ‘walking group’ of Littleborough Civic Trust was probably why contact had been made. It was decided that no further action be taken on this matter.

14. AKZO site update - Peter Hook
This item was deferred due to discussing extensive information in Item 11.

15. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly scheme - Mike Price/All
This item was deferred due to the absence of Mike Price

16. Canalside Development Group update - John F Kay/Julian Farnell
John F Kay informed the meeting that a planning application to RMBC had been submitted at the standard cost.

17. Flood Resilience Group update - Mike Price
In Mike Price’s absence Ian Jackson informed the meeting that the group were awaiting confirmation of a date from NFF for a local multi-agency meeting. No further monthly meetings were planned until nearer this event when confirmed.

18. News/Events/Rock in the ParkAll
Ian Jackson confirmed that the local brass band and another local band were willing to contribute by way of performances. Ann Stott has discussed the licensing issue with RMBC who suggested meeting with the police to discuss.

19. All meetings as open meetings - Peter Hook
This item was deferred.

17. Any Other Business
A local individual had requested to become a member of LCT. It was decided that in the interests of both parties, that the application be refused.

Next Meeting 10th April 2018 at 7.00pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust