Members present:

Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F Kay, Julian Farnell, Michael Price, Gillian Price, Tim Wood, Angie Walker, Iain S Gerrard & Vivienne Ashworth (visitor).

1. The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm.

2. Apologies for absence were received from Shaun Clancy, Nick Andrews, Councillor Ann Stott & Murray Knight.

3. The previous minutes of the 9th May were agreed.

4. Treasurers Report - John F Kay

Total of £4251.16 in the bank of which £1869.82 is ring-fenced for the Canalside Development Group.

5. Guerilla GardeningJohn F Kay

A sub-group of Oakenhoof and Littleborough Allotment Society are proposing to use land owned by John F Kay adjacent to the traffic lights in Littleborough to tidy up and develop to grow vegetables.

6. LCT visit to Chester - John F Kay

The planned trip to Dunham Massey has been cancelled as it is not in the scheme for use of free National Trust Passes. John F Kay suggested a trip to Chester at the invitation of the Chester Civic Trust. It was suggested a visit in Nov/Dec. John F Kay to make contact with the Chester Civic Trust and arrange a suitable date for both parties.

7. Planning ApplicationsALL

Bungalow at Ealees - Peter Hook has met with Sue Oakley to discuss the planning application for a bungalow at Ealees. Changes have been made to the plans and she is happy to accept the concept of one bungalow on the land from a conservation prospective. Littleborough Civic Trust is happy to support the planning application.

Proofings – there are still grave concerns regarding contamination of the site, especially from the leaking of Toluene. A thorough environmental survey should be carried out before any of the ground is disturbed.

8. Town Centre Conservation Area - Peter Hook

Peter Hook has spoken to Rochdale MBC (again) asking if Hare Hill House, Hare Hill Park and surrounds could be included in the Conservation Area.

Iain S Gerrard asked if the next meeting with Rochdale MBC would also consider the Co-op building and associated houses to be incorporated, as they are also of historic value to Littleborough.

9. Co-op Dance HallPeter Hook

Co-op History Group and Littleborough Civic Trust to contact the developer for access to the interior to be able to document the history of the artefacts in the interior before conversion to flats. They will also ask if a Blue Plaque could be fitted to the exterior wall designating the building of historic value to Littleborough.

10. Littleborough Neighbourhood ForumPeter Hook

Although the Forum has officially folded, Rochdale MBC will accept the Town Design Statement. However, before resubmission it requires a review and amendments making as necessary. Members to review when copies provided by Peter Hook.

11. Blue PlaquesPeter Hook

Littleborough Civic Trust members are asked to identify any building they consider worthy of a Blue Plaque.

12. Littleborough Events and Associations Forum (LEAF)Peter Hook

Peter Hook advised the meeting that he now attends the LEAF meetings on behalf of members of Littleborough Civic Trust.

13. Littleborough Canalside Development GroupJohn F Kay

A draft application to Canal and River Trust has passed on for review before submission. John F Kay is ongoing with the costings for refurbishment of the boat. Ian Jackson to invite Jon Stopp to next meeting. No significant updates at present.

14. Flood Resilience Group updateMichael Price

The last meeting was cancelled. A new date has been set at 3rd July 2017. The automatic alert for flood warning was set at half a metre. This has now been changed to one metre.

15. National Civic Day 2017 - Peter Hook

The 'Big Lunch’ and associated envisaged activities for 18th June were cancelled for various reasons.

16. Constitution - Peter Hook

Peter Hook advised that the current (interim) constitution was not ready for submission and that all committee members should have received a recent email from Nick Andrews asking for details of trustees.

17. Promoting Littleborough Civic TrustALL

A long discussion took place as to how we can promote Littleborough Civic Trust and encourage Littleborough residents to engage in its development. Littleborough has a population of 13500 and as a group we really should have more members. Ideas put forward:

  • Promote Civic Day 2018 by early planning for the event and advertising in advance.
  • Plan a programme of activities and stick to it.
  • Arrange interesting talks i.e. Conservation of the area, The Newall Family, History of the Co-op in Littleborough, The history of the canal, The development of the 'Cafe Boat'

John F Kay suggested employing someone to market Littleborough in order to promote all groups and advertise on our behalf.

Resurrect the Car Parking issues. To this end it was proposed that we invite Tony Lloyd MP to one of our meetings to try to engage him in supporting our activities.

Mailshot to existing and previous members to make them aware of what Littleborough Civic Trust is planning. Maybe encouraging some returners.

Next meeting 11th July 2017. At 7.00pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust