Members present:

Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F. Kay Nick Andrews, Shaun Clancy, Michael Price, Gillian Price, Iain S. Gerrard, & Julian Farnell.

1. The meeting opened with the Chairman Peter Hook welcoming everyone.

2. Apologies for Absence were received from: Carl Clancy, Angie Walker & Councillor Ann Stott

3. The previous minutes of 8th November were agreed, with no matters arising.

4. Treasurer's Report - John F. Kay.

All monies have now been consolidated into one bank account. JFK will produce 2016 final accounts at January’s meeting

5. Constitution - Nick Andrews.

Nick Andrews stated it was necessary to include a public postal address in the constitution document. This will be Peter Hook's address.

6. Planning Applications - Peter Hook

Barkers Wood – Peter Hook to meet with chair of Friends of Barkers Wood and report back to Littleborough Civic Trust at next meeting.

Proofing’s site – It has been discovered that an old gas works (prior to the later one opposite) intrudes onto the Proofings site. Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council have been made aware of this to enable them to deal with the planning application appropriately in relation to further toxicity surveys.

Co-op Dance Hall – Scaffolding has been erected to repair a roof leak. The owner of the building is happy to take account of our concerns regarding the development of the building. An information board will be erected outside the building on completion of any works carried out. The Co-op history group will be involved in the wording of the plaque and they are applying for a grant of £200 to cover the cost.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework – Rochdale Observer have printed an article on behalf of Littleborough Civic Trust which raises our concerns re too much housing development having a detrimental effect on local services and highways. A meeting regarding this issue was held in Milnrow and attended by Peter Hook and Ian Jackson who will attend further meetings on behalf of Littleborough Civic Trust and report back to the committee. JK thanked PH for getting the article printed.

7. Littleborough Canalside Development Group - Julian Farnell

Julian Farnell gave an update to the progress of the proposed Café Boat project. He has contacted Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council Planning Dept. and reported that we need a scaled drawing of the proposals for submission. The leisure mooring will need to be agreed as a trading mooring and permission to go ahead will be required from the Canal and River Trust who will then be able to give us a costing for this mooring. If everything is agreed the boat will be transferred elsewhere for refurbishment.

8. Flood Group Update

The next meeting of the group is 19th December at which it is planned to test out the proposed action plan in case of flood. When the action plan is ratified there are plans to put it in the public domain

9. National Civic Day 2017 - Peter Hook

Littleborough Civic Trust would like to participate in this and various ideas were put forward. It was suggested that we hold a separate meeting for interested parties in January to discuss and prioritise ideas.

10. Reimbursements to Hare Hill House

Various groups meet at Hare Hill House. Some pay for the facility some don't. Consideration should be made to standardise this and decide who pays and how much. John Kay and Nick Andrews to discuss and report back to the committee in January.

11. Membership participation - Mike Price.

Littleborough Civic Trust should be pro-active in promoting our activities to encourage more people to become involved. This could be by quarterly newsletter, posting of minutes in Littleborough, Smithy Bridge and Wardle libraries and having open meetings that the community could attend. Ongoing.

It was agreed that membership fees (due 1st January) should have a cut-off date of 31st March each year, after which anyone who has not paid will be removed from the membership list.

12. Actions sheet - Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson presented the sheet for auditing (check items completed) and will update for next meeting.

13. Any Other Business.

There is a further meeting regarding the future of the Neighbourhood Forum on 9th January. Peter Hook will report back as to the outcome at next Littleborough Civic Trust meeting.

Peter Hook informed the meeting that Local Authority Highways Depts. are now separated regarding their own planning so any issues we have in relation to proposed planning developments cannot include comments on roads, parking etc. These will need to go separately to Highways.

The meeting closed on schedule with the next meeting being the 10th January 2017.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust