Members present:

Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F Kay, Shaun Clancy, Michael Price, Julian Farnell, Gillian Price, Ann Stott, Angie Walker, Iain S Gerrard & Vivienne Ashworth (visitor).

1.The meeting opened at 7.00 pm with Chairman Peter Hook welcoming everyone

2. Apologies for absence were received from Murray Knight.

3. Submissions for Any Other Business: Facebook, LCT Website, Mailchimp.

4.Matters arising from previous minutes

• Bungalow at Ealees – Peter Hook has sent a letter on behalf of Littleborough Civic Trust supporting this application. Ian Jackson thanked members for considering this application on behalf of the applicant. It shows Littleborough Civic Trust is working in conjunction with residents of Littleborough.

• Co-op Dance Hall – Littleborough Civic Trust and interested parties have visited the dance hall and have gained permission from the owner to erect a Blue Plaque on the exterior of the building.

• Constitution – Nick Andrews has now received all the information he requires to submit the application.

• Visit to Littleborough Civic Trust by Tony Lloyd MP – a date has been set at Friday 8th Sept 7.00 pm at Hare Hill House subject to parliamentary commitments.

• Conservation area – it is proposed to invite the Rochdale Borough Conservation Officer to our meeting in November (as a speaker)

5. Treasurers Report - John F Kay

No change from the last meeting.

6. Planning ApplicationsAll

• Vaping shop, Hare Hill Road – some residents are unhappy about the colour scheme at the frontage of the shop. It was suggested that maybe planning permission should have been sought to alter the frontage to its current colour scheme. This will be investigated and the necessary steps taken to resolve this issue.

• Proofings – A full contamination/environmental survey has to be completed at the site before any planning applications will be considered. Littleborough Civic Trust will review the site once the mill is closed to ensure the site is secure to prevent against vandalism. Shaun Clancy suggested that the company’s move to other premises is imminent.

A bat survey still needs to be completed also. Ian Jackson knows of someone who does this along the canal, Ian Jackson will make enquiries as to whether this person could be approached to survey the mill.

7. Town Centre Conservation Area - Peter Hook

It has been discovered that the Co-op Dance Hall, Bakery, Stables and associated houses on Bare Hill Street are of historic interest. Also, a row of cottages behind the flagging stones may be of interest as they were World War I cottages for ex-servicemen. With further investigation by Littleborough Civic Trust and the Historical Society this area may be eligible to be deemed a National Heritage site or indeed, actually a World Heritage site as it is singularly unique in Britain.

If so, this would deem Littleborough as an exciting tourism venture. Sue Oakley will provide training for a specific group of volunteers to investigate this. Funding may be required to do this and it was suggested that the Co-op may be interested in this project. If found to be proven then this area will be included in the Conservation Area of Littleborough.

8. Littleborough Canalside Development Group - John F Kay

An application for licence and trading mooring of the Cafe Boat has been sent to the Canal and River Trust. Once this has been approved a planning application to RMBC can be made for use of the boat on the canal.

John Kay advised all necessary requirements for refurbishment are in place awaiting approvals and ready to start John Kay is taking the lead on this project.

John Kay is investigating insurance quotes for the boat.

9. Flood Resilience Group update - Michael Price

Flood group members have been involved in a Government online flood warning pilot scheme for 12 months, giving feedback to the Environment Agency. To this end a new Flood Warning site is being developed for Gov.UK. Members of the group met with the Environmental Agency for further training/suggestions on the new website.

10. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly scheme

This idea was mooted by David Evans, Chair of Chester Civic Trust. The committee felt this was a good idea and Ian Jackson has volunteered to lead this project.

Details of how the scheme works can be found via this link.

11. Marketing Littleborough Civic TrustAngie Walker/John F Kay

John Kay suggested setting up a Community Newsletter for all groups within Littleborough that can be accessed on Rochdale online. This could then be used by all groups to advertise events etc. via the media.

Angie Walker has volunteered to be Littleborough Civic Trust events co-ordinator and as such this will be a featured item on our monthly agenda.

12. Littleborough Civic Trust visit to Chester - John F Kay

John Kay has been in contact with Chester Civic Trust who are more than happy to facilitate a visit. This will be planned to coincide with Chester Xmas Market It is planned that the morning of the visit will be with the CCT and the afternoon spent at leisure at the market. JFK to confirm date. Possibly 3rd December. Fees for non-members attending were briefly discussed.

13. Canal and River Trust request - Ian Jackson

Volunteers are requested to help with the Pennines in Bloom project along the canal towpath, with general clearing and planting duties on Tuesday 18th July and Wednesday 19th July starting at 10.00 am. There will also be training for lime mortaring on Monday 24th July.

14. Proposed Hare Hill Road car park - Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson has emailed Councillor Janet Emsley for an update on Littleborough Civic Trust proposals for this project, due to her speaking at a Littleborough Civic Trust public meeting in 2016. She promised to chase this up. Ann Stott thinks that a consultation report has been done to put before the appropriate council committee. Littleborough Civic Trust needs to raise the profile again, maybe by approaching shop owners to start a petition and getting Littleborough residents involved in the cause.

15. Any Other Business

• Ian Jackson is giving a ‘History of the Rochdale Canal at Littleborough’ presentation on behalf of Littleborough Civic Trust to the Littleborough Historical and Archæological Society on Thursday, 10th August at 8.00 pm. All are welcome but this could be used as another Littleborough Civic Trust open meeting with Ian Jackson as the speaker.

• Facebook, Littleborough Civic Trust Website, Mailchimp – Littleborough Civic Trust has a Facebook page which ideally requires up-to-the-minute input. Mailchimp is used by Littleborough Civic Trust. It works but there are some technical issues with contact details at bottom of the form.

Peter Hook suggested that we should revamp our website to try to generate more interest in the Littleborough Civic Trust. Peter Hook/Iain S Gerrard/Angie Walker to look at this.

Ian Jackson suggested that the Chester Civic Trust website is an ideal example of what we require.

Next meeting 8th August 2017. At 7.00pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Secretary, Littleborough Civic Trust