Members present:
Ian Jackson, John F Kay, Ann Stott, Iain S Gerrard, Nick Andrews, Julian Farnell, Barry Cropper, Shaun Clancy & Carl Clancy.

1. The meeting opened at 7.00 pm with Ian Jackson welcoming everyone.

2. Apologies for absence: Janet Emsley; Mike Price & Gillian Price

3. Submissions for Any Other Business:Time of monthly meetings.

4. Minutes of meeting of 12th June and matters arising: None.

5. Treasurers Report - John F Kay
Total in account £3514.16 of which £1317.82 is earmarked for the Canalside Development Group.

6. Election of Officials - All
Due to Peter Hook’s resignation as Chairman, the following were unanimously elected to interim positions until November’s Annual General Meeting.

7. Planning Applications updates- All
It was felt that any discussion on the proposed new school development recently approved by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, should wait until more constructive public discussions take within the Borough. However, those present questioned themselves as to why Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council held the meeting behind closed doors.
Homes England representative for the AKZO site is away from the office until almost the end of July and thus, no further progress or discussions have taken place.

8. Canalside Development Group update - John F Kay/Julian Farnell
Julian Farrell and a local farmer have attempted to move the boat on its trailer to the farmer’s premises for fitting out. Due to the fact that it has sat on the trailer for a considerable period of time, without any movement, difficulties were encountered with the brakes seized on and efforts continue.

9. Allen Brett. Potholes and Road Safety - Ian Jackson
In April of this year Council Leader Allen Brett was accused of stating that he would not instigate any program of pothole repairs in any electoral ward where Labour had not been successfully elected. It appears that he has kept his pledge, given the state of Littleborough’s roads; and it must be said, footpaths, now courtesy of Virgin Media.
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council did only this week, on 11th July, announce a program of travel disruption but repairs do not feature extensively for Pennines Area.

10. Flood Resilience Group update - Mike Price
Meetings with Manchester University are ongoing, led by Nick Andrews

11. News/Events/Rock in the ParkAll

12. Any Other Business
A new start time of 7.30pm was proposed and agreed upon. ALL meetings will now start at that time.

Next Meeting 14th August at 7.30pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust