Members present:

Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F. Kay, Councillor Ann Stott, Shaun Clancy, Carl Clancy, Michael Price, Gillian Price, Iain S. Gerrard, Julian Farnell, Nick Andrews & Tim Wood.

1. The meeting opened with the Chairman Peter Hook welcoming everyone.

Tim Wood attended the meeting and was co-opted onto the committee for his expertise in planning matters

2. No apologies for absence. were received.

3. The previous minutes of 13th December were agreed, with 2 items raised. LCT have now formally sent comments to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework consultation. An application to formally take control of Barkers Wood (and its environs) has been submitted to RMBC. This is more of a formality rather than an application, as RMBC are in agreement. There is evidence on the site of ‘bottle diggers/hunters’ leaving a large hole in the ground.

4. Treasurer's Report - John F. Kay.

All monies now total £2217.98p in one single bank account. However, some subscriptions are still being received.

5. Planning Applications - ALL.

Only one application was mentioned (PH) regarding a proposed bungalow on a derelict site at Ealees. It was hoped that the application would take into account the conservation area.

6. Littleborough Canalside Development Group - Julian Farnell

Julian Farnell gave an update on the progress of the proposed Café Boat project. He has contacted RMBC Planning Deptartment and reported to the meeting the steps now necessary to progress an application; firstly for RMBC Planning and then the Canal & River Trust, to obtain a trader’s mooring.

7. Flood Group Update - Mike Price

Michael Price reported on the ‘dummy run' from December’s meeting and stated that the National Flood Forum has now provided equipment for use during any flooding incidents. Also, that it was desirable to move the date of meetings to accommodate a member being able to attend. However, the next meeting of the group remains as 16th January.

8. National Civic Day 2017 - Peter Hook

An open meeting was proposed for 6.30pm 24th January to allow members/public to propose any ideas for celebrating Civic Day 2017.

9. Actions sheet - Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson informed the committee that due to the holiday period etc. the updating was delayed and should be completed for the next meeting.

13. Any Other Business.

Several matters were raised.

1) Littleborough Neighbourhood Forum has now officially folded, having served a very useful purpose and matters can now be progressed by Littleborough Civic Trust.

2) Peter Hook is to meet with Link4Life regarding a survey commissioned by RMBC for the Hollingworth Lake area.

3) An open meeting/presentation was suggested regarding the history of, and future opportunities around the Rochdale Canal within Littleborough.

4) Mike Price produced a poster he has designed to attract more members. Also, a draft subscription reminder letter to be sent to those members who have not yet renewed their membership.

5) Peter Hook proposed that the residents of Barkers Wood become a sub-group of Littleborough Civic Trust and send one representative to any relevant Littleborough Civic Trust meetings.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust