Members present:
Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F Kay, Iain S Gerrard, Nick Andrews, Gillian Price, Janet Hook, Mike Price, Angie Walker, Julian Farnell, Janet Emsley & Barry Cropper.

1. The meeting opened at 7.00 pm with Peter Hook welcoming everyone.

2. Apologies for absence:Shaun Clancy, Carl Clancy & Ann Stott

3. Submissions for Any Other Business:None Received

4. Minutes of meeting of 13th March and matters arising: Ian Jackson raised the issues regarding the clearing of snow with Janet Emsley but she was unable to answer his specific questions.

5. Treasurers Report - John F Kay
Total in account £3434.16 of which £1317.82 was earmarked for the Canalside Development Group
There has been a reduction in membership subscriptions this year. Mike Price indicated there were 7 membership fees outstanding.

6. Pennine Business & Tourism Forum - John F Kay & Nick Andrews
The meeting was informed that ‘Pennine Prospects’, a Government Agency, are looking at attempting to create a regional park. Peter Hook has arranged for a representative to attend our meeting on 12th June to talk to the Littleborough Civic Trust about their work

7. Proofings Fire
Peter Hook has spoken to the Fire Service, Police and demolition contractors regarding the site after the fire. It is suspected to be arson. Peter Hook identified to them all suspect contaminated areas

8. Barker's Wood update - Peter Hook
The application for funding a playground has now been submitted to Crook Hill Community Funds and there was optimism that this may be approved

9. Conservation Area Group update - Peter Hook
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council’s Conservation Officer is to meet with the group to do a walk around Littleborough, highlighting the areas that need to be included in the Conservation Area, with a view to drawing up the new proposed area

10. Local Signage Group update - Peter Hook
Janet Hook presented the ideas that had been discussed by the group and handed out the appropriate documentation. The committee thanked Janet for the ongoing work that was being done and supported the ideas put forward

11. Planning Applications updates- All
Janet Emsley informed the group that a developer was looking at the old gas work site off Hare Hill Road. Littleborough Civic Trust hopes that part of the development for that site will be for car parking.
Tentative proposal for change of use of the former Royal Oak pub to flats on the upper floors and a commercial business on the ground floor.

12. Community – University Partnership initiative - Nick Andrews
Nick Andrews has been invited to attend a meeting of this group and he will report back to the Littleborough Civic Trust after his attendance. Subjects up for discussion are Flooding in Littleborough, Northern Forest and post-Brexit agriculture

13. AKZO site update - Peter Hook
Littleborough Civic Trust has now secured a meeting with Homes England

14. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly scheme - Mike Price/All
Voting has now taken place
Good – the restored dry-stone walling around Littleborough
Bad – car parking
Ugly – the frontage of some of the shops on Church St including the Taxi Office.
Peter Hook to present a press release to Rochdale Observer, Rochdale Online and Facebook.

15. Canalside Development Group update - John F Kay/Julian Farnell
The application has gone in to Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council for the siting of the Café Boat on the Canal. It would appear there has been an objection to this application and John Kay will investigate this.
There is still nowhere to store the boat during restoration but Janet Emsley is visiting the building on Schofield Street to see if it is feasible to clear some space for it to go in there.
Julian Farrell has acquired some parts that are needed for the restoration.

16. Flood Resilience Group update - Mike Price
The group were awaiting confirmation of a date from National Flood Forum for a local multi-agency meeting. No further monthly meetings were planned until nearer this event, when confirmed.

17. News/Events/Rock in the ParkAll
The Littleborough Civic Trust would like the Rock in the Park to take place. Bands have already agreed to take part but there are issues around licensing and insurance to be discussed. Ian Jackson has spoken to police but now needs to speak to the council to see if it is feasible to hold the event this year. If not then we should get the necessary paperwork in place so that we can either hold it on a different date to Civic Trust Day or carry the event over to next year. It was suggested we set up a sub-committee to deal with issues around this event, Angie Walker to co-ordinate.

18. All meetings as open meetings - Peter Hook
This was agreed by the committee to allow all members to attend all meetings.

Next Meeting 8th May 2018 at 7.00pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust