Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and the Ordinary Committee Meeting held on 14th November 2017 at Hare Hill House, Littleborough



Secretary Ian Jackson opened the meeting at 7.05pm by welcoming everyone present.


Peter Evans, Julian Farnell, Iain Spencer Gerrard, Ed Aadahl, Richard Lynos, Mr. & Mrs. Crossley, Shaun Clancy & Peter Gugas.



The minutes of the 29th November 2016 were agreed with no matters arising.


Peter Hook briefly presented his report which he had previously circulated to all members. Read a copy HERE


John Kay informed the meeting that there had been little movement with the account
Littleborough Civic Trust balance = £2311.34
Canalside Group balance = £1779.82


As per the constitution 3 Committee members stepped down. All 3 volunteered for re-election. A vote was taken and all 3 were duly re-elected.

There was 1 remaining vacancy. Janet Emsley was proposed by Peter Hook and seconded by Peter Gugas. A vote was taken and she was duly elected.

Secretary Ian Jackson proposed that the position of Vice Chairman/woman be abolished. This vote was carried.

Meeting ended

Monthly Committee Meeting

Present: Peter Hook, Ian Jackson, John F Kay, Mike Price, Gillian Price, Angie Walker, Carl Clancy, Ann Stott & Janet Emsley
Also, present (from AGM) John Stanley; Vivienne Ashworth; Bob Wetherley.

Minutes of 10th October 2017 were agreed with no matters arising

Treasurers report
LCT balance £2311.34 slightly up on last year’s balance
Canalside £1779.82


No new planning applications for Littleborough Civic Trust to consider.

Proofings site: This is now vacated. Developers due on site later this month. Concerns still raised re contamination survey and bat survey. Peter Hook to chase contamination survey.
Janet Emsley indicated that a Bat Survey had been done prior to planning approval.

Akzo Nobel site: This has now been purchased by HM Government who will take the scheme forward. There are still concerns locally regarding the suitability of this site for building and the infrastructure required to support the build. There are various groups/individuals looking closely at the concerns. It was felt that Peter Hook should contact these people and try to bring everyone together in one group to take this forward.

The Town Design Statement was raised and the consensus was that it should be revamped to assist in identifying the needs of Littleborough. A group is to be set up to update the statement. John Stanley would like to be involved in that group on behalf of Littleborough Civic Trust. Peter Hook to send an existing copy of the Town Design Statement to all members.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Some ideas have been sent to the email address set up specifically for this purpose. A further post will be sent out with a closing date at the end of the year. A judging panel will be set up in January and prizes awarded.

Canalside Development Group

Julian Farnell is working on the application to the council. This should be discussed at their next meeting before formally sending to the council.
Julian Farnell still trying to get the boat in the big shed on Schofield Street
John F Kay is looking at insurance costs for the boat.

Flood Resilience Group

There have been updates on the environmental agency flood warning site. Mike Price will send out details on how to access this site.
It is planned that in January the Environmental Agency will set up a local drop-in session for the public to discuss the updates.
It is also planned that there will be a talk regarding the drainage systems and culverts that exist in the Littleborough area.


Angie Walker put some ideas forward for recognition of Civic Day in June 2018: drawing competition, photography competition, essay with the theme of I Care About Where I Live. Members were asked to bring their ideas to next meeting so we can start organising the event in good time.

Any Other Business

Local tourist information signage: various groups met with Tracey Knight from RMBC on the 30th October 2017 to discuss this. A working party has been set up and Janet Hook will represent Littleborough Civic Trust. There is a meeting on the 27th November 2017 with a view to revamping the signs by March 2018. Funding is available for this exercise

Remembrance Day ServiceThere had been complaints regarding the service in 2016 so a group was set up to look at how things could be improved. Both Mike Price and Ian Jackson have been involved in this group and changes were made for the 2017 service.
There will be a debrief in December and further meetings will take place to ensure the 2018 service is improved also. IJ will represent LCT at these meetings. PH has replied to the complaints on behalf of Littleborough Civic Trust.
It was suggested that a permanent public address system should be set up for use by all groups who use Littleborough Square.

The Meeting closed at 8.30pm


Tuesday 12th December at 7pm at Hare Hill House.

Ian Jackson
Littleborough Civic Trust