7.00 pm 10th April 2018 at Hare Hill House


  1. Introductions and welcome
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Submissions for Any Other Business.
  4. Minutes of 13th March and matters arising.
  5. Treasurer's Report. John F. Kay
  6. Proofings Fire
  7. Pennine ProspectsPeter Hook
  8. Barker's Wood update Peter Hook
  9. Conservation Area Group update Peter Hook
  10. Local Signage Group update Peter Hook
  11. Planning applications updates All
  12. Community - University Partnership initiative Nick Andrews
  13. AKZO site update Ian Jackson
  14. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Michael Price/All
  15. Canalside Development Group update. John F Kay/Julian Farnell
  16. Flood Resilience Group update. Michael Price
  17. News/Events/Rock in the Park. Ian Jackson/Angie Walker/All
  18. All meetings as open meetings. Peter Hook
  19. Any Other Business.

Next meeting - 8th May 2018 at Hare Hill House 7.00pm