Network Rail Littleborough Station upgrade

The committee regularly monitor RMBC's planning application on the RMBC website. Recently, Network Rail applied for Prior Approval planning consent to lengthen the platforms.

They plan to demolish the (already boarded up) steps to Platform 2 and extend the platform in the direction of the Co-op store.

You may be aware that the station is in Littleborough's Conservation Area and whilst LCT does not wish to stand in the way of progress, some consideration is due on Network Rail's part; with several potential options.

They have agreed to attend Tuesday's meeting 9th October 7.30pm, with maps/plans and answer any questions.

If you are passionate about the conservation area I urge you to attend and take the opportunity to speak with them.

Remembrance Sunday

We have since last year been involved in the planning for Remembrance Sunday and as this year is a significant milestone; 100 years on 11th of 11th, our support is crucial to the proceedings.

If anyone can give some time on the day to either steward or set up the enclosures prior to the event then please get in touch.

Annual General Meeting November 2018

The Annual General Meeting & Committee Meeting has been moved to the 1st Tuesday of the month (6th) and will be held on 6th November this year. Please do attend and show your support or nominate yourself for a committee/sub-committee position.

Many thanks for your continued support


Ian Jackson