Pennine Prospects - 12th June Committee Meeting

As we said in the last Newsletter, Helen Noble and Francis Comyn from Pennine Prospects are coming to our Committee meeting on the 12th June to help us understand what Pennine Prospects are all about and how we can link into it to support our work. They will start their presentation at 7:00 pm and aim to finish at 7:30 pm. If you want to come along, you can either leave at the end of their presentation or stay on for the rest of the meeting which we plan to finish at 8:30 pm.

Canal Cafe Boat

The planning application for the Canal Cafe Boat was successful so we can begin refurbishment as soon as it is moved to safe accommodation for Julian to get to work in.

Conservation Area Working Group

The group is meeting with Sue Oakley (Conservation Officer) on the 18th June. We've photo-documented all of the ex Co-op housing along Barehill Street so we are beginning work on justifying this area or building being designated as part of the Town Centre conservation area.

Barker's Wood Funding

As we said in the last newsletter, Barker's wood comes under LCT's "umbrella". We're happy to announce that our funding application via the Crook Hill fund was successful so, once we've completed all the necessary documentation work can begin on a new play area.


Peter Hook