Chairman, Secretary & Minutes/Membership Secretary

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that Peter Hook recently stood down as Chairman and also resigned from the Committee for personal reasons. However, he wishes to retain links with Barker's Wood and also the Conservation Area working group.

At this juncture I would, on behalf of the Civic Trust, like to thank Peter for his concerted efforts on all matters that have arisen since his election as Chairman in November 2015.

All those present at the Committee meeting on Tuesday 10th July voted unanimously for the following interim positions: placing myself as Chairman, Mike Price taking my place as Secretary and Gillian Price adding Membership Secretary to her duties as Minutes Taker. All officer posts will therefore be up for election at the next Annual General Meeting in November.

Members attending committee meetings

All meeting (held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month are open to any Littleborough Civic Trust members who wish to attend and I would like to actively encourage you all to come along if you so wish.

Littleborough has a lot going on at the moment, not least with planning applications and the like. I feel it is in the interest of Littleborough residents that we continue to play an active part in improving what we can.

Littleborough Civic Trust website

Please do visit our website to read minutes of meetings etc. and, if necessary, raise any matters of concern with us. After all, you joined the Trust with you obviously having an interest in all things Littleborough.

Next newsletter

I will publish the next newsletter when sufficient meaningful content is available and I and Mike and Gillian have settled into our new positions.


Ian Jackson