The Results are in for "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

Drawing: three faces representing the good, bad and ugly

Thankyou to everybody who took the time to vote in our Good, Bad and Ugly poll. The results are in and we can reveal the "winner" in each category.

First in the "Good" category were the newly restored dry stone walls along Todmorden Road.

First in the "Bad" category was the ongoing problem that nags away at many of us - The Lack of Parking Spaces

First (if you can call it that) in the "Ugly" category was: The row of Takeaways and Taxi Firms from number 73 through to 81 Church Street. This is particularly annoying as about two years ago Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council offered match funding to any shop in Littleborough that wanted to smarten up its appearance and nobody took up the offer.

It is our intention to run The Good, The Bad & The Ugly as an annual event which will be open to all members of the Littleborough community (whether in the Littleborough Civic Trust or not). Submissions for 2018 can begin in September and finish by the end of the year; the results to be published in early January 2019.

For more details check the webpage for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from the main menu

Signage Working Group

The signage working group have put in a lot of work to review how signage is used around Littleborough. Janet Hook had a very useful meeting with Tracey Knight from Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council yesterday and things look like they are moving forward with the necessary funding looking like it might be available sooner rather than later.

Canal Cafe Boat

John Kay has submitted a planning application to Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council (please show your support). Julian Farnell is all set and ready to go with the boat's refurbishment and Ann Stott and Janet Emsley have worked to get safe accommodation for Julian to get to work in.

Conservation Area Working Group

The group have had a bit of a break as the next stage needs to happen with lighter evenings. Now the lighter evenings have finally arrived, the group are meeting up on the 30th April with Sue Oakley (Conservation Officer) for a practical session on how we should gather and present information to justify an area or building being designated as a conservation area.

Barker's Wood Funding

Barker's wood comes under Littleborough Civic Trust's "umbrella" and we recently put in a application to the Crook hill fund to help build a new play area alongside the Wood. We should know how successful this has been in the next few days so... Fingers Crossed!


When we reformed the Littleborough Civic Trust the intention was to work on a sub-group basis with projects being led by a member of the Committee. This meant we needed to keep a tight focus within the elected Committee members. This approach seems to have worked well and progress has been made in lots of areas.

The intention was originally to open up meetings to all Littleborough Civic Trust members after the first year. Due to a variety of circumstances, this didn't happen but we now feel the time is ripe for us to move forward with this. So, we intend to open up our next meeting at 7:00pm on the 8th May in Hare Hill House.

If you intend to come, there are one or two things to be aware of:

1. The meetings are run to a tight time scale and start at 7:00pm and finish at 8:30pm (the alarm on my phone is set to make sure this happens).
2. Only elected Committee members have a vote.
3. We welcome constructive ideas and suggestions but we avoid being a "talking shop".
4. The meetings are only open to paid up members.

Pennine Prospects - 12th June

Representatives from Pennine Prospects are coming to our Committee meeting on the 12th June to help us understand what it is all about and how we can link into it to support our work. If you want to find out about them before the meeting, have a look at their website here.


Peter Hook