Press Release

6 August 2018

Dear Member

You are getting this email as a member of Littleborough Civic Trust.

The next few years will be key for the civic and conservation movement and we need three new trustees to help shape those years!

We are specifically looking for trustees from London, South West and South East and again would like to see individuals step forward with fundraising skills. The main item we look for is that you are passionate and committed to the future of the civic movement.

It is the civic movement's work on the ground that helps keep our cities, towns and villages distinctive and creates places we can all be proud of. It is only with your help that Civic Voice can continue to influence the national agenda. One way to do this by becoming a Trustee of Civic Voice.

Being a Trustee of Civic Voice gives you an opportunity to help shape one of the oldest social movements in the country. As a Trustee, you can help us build on the important progress established in our first few years and inspire many more individuals to show civic pride and get involved in their community. You will help us make the case for increased investment into conservation areas.

It is expected that all members of the governing body are members and sympathetic to the aims of the civic movement. Trustees will also need to commit time to their induction, attending Board meetings, promoting and representing Civic Voice, building relationships with civic societies and developing themselves and the effectiveness of the Board as a team. We estimate that trustees will spend approximately 20 days a year on Civic Voice business. This is a combination of board meetings, sub-committee meetings, reading reports and supporting operational activities.

Trustees are elected by civic societies and are expected to be members. You will need the support of your local civic society when applying.

If you are interested in standing for the board for the period 2018-2021, please review the information at and we would be happy to arrange an informal conversation with you and our Executive Director, Ian Harvey.

If you wish to apply to be a Trustee, your application must be received by Monday 3rd September. You will then be entered into a ballot to be voted on by Civic Voice members. Results will be announced at the Civic Voice AGM in Birmingham on 20th October. You can register to attend the Civic Voice conference via

Apply today here.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ian Harvey, Executive Director via

Kind Regards

Joan Humble, Chairwoman of Civic Voice