Press Release

26th October 2017

Plea for Individual Membership from the Vice Chairman, Laura Sandys

Dear Individual Member or non-Member

I am writing to you because I have just been told the wonderful news that North Lincolnshire Council has designated a new conservation area for the Kasbah area of Grimsby Docks. The decision to grant it Conservation Area status was taken by North East Lincolnshire Council's Cabinet, with the authority's deputy leader, councillor Dave Watson, describing it as "wonderful news." I agree with him. You can read more here on this news here.

The Kasbah area is the only surviving area of traditional smoke houses in England, with six listed examples remaining there.

Vicky Hartung, Chair, of "The Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust said "GGIFT is delighted that the Kasbah will have the protection of conservation area status at last. There are nearly 90 buildings within the historic dock area that have over the years fallen into disuse and disrepair (not to mention the Ice Factory itself), so viewed as a heritage project this is a huge challenge. But GGIFT is ready to play its part in working with ABP, NELC/Engie, and other heritage partners and funders on a long-term plan to reintegrate these buildings into the life of the port and the town."

The designation says to me that conservation areas are as needed as much today as 50 years ago when Stamford, Lincolnshire was designated.

But what is the future for conservation areas and who will be the organisation making sure they have a voice? It is something I have been thinking a lot about since I attended the Civic Voice Annual Convention in Wakefield. It was great to see volunteers from Alnwick to Dover discussing the future of conservation areas and agreeing to campaign to reverse the cuts to conservation staff.

I believe Civic Voice can be the organisation that is the voice for conservation areas. But they need support.

I told the civic volunteers in that room that I will do everything I can to help. But I need you to join me.

Will you join me?.

You can become an individual supporter of Civic Voice today for just £10. If 100 people join today we can organise a parliamentary event to discuss the future of conservation areas. Help us make that happen. Will you be the first?

The national civic movement needs your help. We need a national body to make the case for conservation area. Please consider joining Civic Voice today. Together we can ensure an independent voice for conservation areas remains.

Join Civic Voice Today Here.

I am proud to be a Vice-President of the national civic movement and I am proud to take forward the legacy of my father in introducing Conservation Areas.

Join me and support the national civic movement as an individual for just £10 today and together we can say "My Conservation Area Matters".

Laura Sandys
Vice-President, Civic Voice

P.S. The picture below is when I was speaking at the Civic Voice Annual Convention in Wakefield. Next year the civic movement is heading to Birmingham!

Photograph: Laura Sandys speaking at the Civic Voice Annual Convention in Wakefield.