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14 July 2017

Civic Voice Design Awards 2017: Winners Announced

Today (14th July) at an event in The Leadenhall Building, London attended by community groups from across England and industry professionals, Civic Voice – the national charity for the civic movement - handed out 11 awards to a variety of schemes and projects across England.

Nominated by community groups, projects including Winton Chapel, Winchester and Western Terrace, a housing development in Bath were celebrated for being well-designed new build, housing, heritage and public realm projects

The Civic Voice Design Awards give communities the opportunity to nominate and recognise new buildings, restoration and public realm projects in their local area. They were introduced in 2014 following a vote by Civic Voice members to demonstrate that civic societies and other community groups will accept new development when it responds positively to the local area.

Download the Civic Voice Design Award 2017 Brochure here.

More information on individual awards below.

*LCT Editor's note: Either no winner in this category or it has been omitted from Civic Voice's listing. The photograph shown below is of the National Arboretum, which may have been included in error

Max Farrell, chairman of the Civic Voice Design Awards judging panel said, “The design of the building or scheme is just one part of the story. What matters just as much is how it was developed. These winners each reflect many of the aims and ambitions of Civic Voice - a commitment to placemaking through a collaborative approach pulling the public, private and voluntary sector together. The Civic Voice Design Awards are showing that communities do not just want to stand at the side and complain, they want to get involved and shape the places they live in”.

Photograph: Category Winner


Showcasing public realm improvements that
contribute to creating great places to live,
work and enjoy.

Photograph: Category Winner


Celebrating 50 years of the Civic Amenities Act.

Photograph: Category Winner


Highlighting new housing developments that
local communities are proud of.

Photograph: Category Winner


Celebrating historic buildings that have been
re-used, retro-fitted or refurbished.

Photograph: Category Winner


Showcasing public realm improvements that
contribute to creating great places to live, work
and enjoy.

Photograph: National Arboretum


Recognising new developments that communities
say add value to their local built environment.

OVERALL WINNER — Winton Chapel, Winchester

Photograph: Interior of Chapel

Nominated by Civic Voice member, The City of Winchester Trust.

Winton Chapel demonstrates the potential of universities to make positive contributions to our communities, both in terms of reaching out to local communities and in bringing high quality architecture to our towns and cities. Incredibly restrained and beautifully simple, with a contemporary graphic quality and bold use of materials, architecturally, this is a fascinating project. Its clever integration of sacred and secular spaces and beautiful detailing serves as fine example to others on how our ecclesiastical buildings can be used and adapted to meet the demands of the modern world.

The judges were unanimous in their decision to announce the Overall Winner for the Civic Voice Design Awards 2017, as Winton Chapel, University of Winchester.

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Photograph: Warwick Hall Community Centre Photograph: Cedars Hall Photograph: Sunbridge Wells

Images: Warwick Hall Community Centre, Cedars Hall, Remembrance Centre, Sunbridge Wells Shopping Centre, Bradford

This year, the Civic Voice Design Awards judging panel introduced the special Conservation Area Award, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Civic Amenities Act 1967 and to recognise and highlight outstanding development within a Conservation Area.

Today there are approximately 10,000 Conservation Areas across the UK. Conservation Areas are as much a part of the fabric of this country as the Green Belt is in shaping our cities, towns and villages.

We are delighted that Sunbridge Wells, Bradford; Cedars Hall, Wells and Warwick Hall Community Centre, Burford have all won a Special Award. Each demonstrates what can be done when we realise the historic environment is an asset not a barrier for our urban areas.

Category: Special Conservation Award
Warwick Hall Community Centre, Burford (South East)

A very sensitively designed scheme on a complex site, located within Burford Conservation Area and adjacent a complex of listed buildings, the refurbishment of and extension to Warwick Hall has secured the long-term future of an important building in a beautiful historic setting. The Bishop of Dorchester has described it as “the communities’ ‘gift’ to Burford”, and it demonstrates what a community can achieve when it works together. Warwick Hall is an inspiring example of designing sensitively within a Conservation Area.
Nominated by Burford Town Council

Category: Special Conservation Award
Cedars Hall, Wells (South West)

Cedars Hall is a bold and modern new building that visually enhances the ‘picture postcard’ Wells Conservation Area. Rather than follow traditional architectural form, Cedars Hall looks ahead in its design, materials and concept. It poses a striking image alongside the Cathedral and the main school building, but crucially, does not overshadow or detract from either. Described by Wells Civic Society as a ‘21st century contribution to the nationally important heritage of Wells’.
Nominated by Civic Voice member, Wells Civic Society.

Category: Special Conservation Award
Sunbridge Wells,Bradford (Yorkshire)

Located in Bradford City Centre Conservation Area and within one of the most economically challenged areas of the country. Led by a private developer Sunbridge Wells links to the past yet at the same time is helping Bradford look to the future by acting as a catalyst for wider regeneration of the city centre. This conservation project is a testament to the pride and passion of the project’s leader, a fantastic addition to Bradford City Centre Conservation Area.
Nominated by Civic Voice member, Bradford Civic Society

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Photograph: Western Terrace, Bath - Category Winner

Western Terrace, Bath - Category Winner

Category Winner: Housing
Western Terrace, Bath Western Riverside, Bath (South West)

Forming the eastern corner of a much wider Crest Nicholson regeneration project to redevelop former industrial land into a new residential quarter, Western Terrace was conceived as three ‘variations’ on the Bath Crescent housing typology, consisting of 14 large family houses, six mews houses, six apartments, and a cafe.
Nominated by Civic Voice member, The Bath Preservation Trust

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Photograph: Grey to Green. Sheffield

Grey to Green. Sheffield

Category Winner; Public Realm
Sponsored by British Land
Grey to Green (Phase 1), Sheffield (Yorkshire & The Humber)

A new approach to transforming redundant road space in the city centre into a network of green and public spaces, including meadows and rain gardens, providing sustainable drainage.
Nominated by Civic Voice member, Sheffield Civic Trust

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Photograph: Winton Chapel Photagraph: Entrance to Sunbridge Wells Photograph: Quay Place

Winton Chapel, Sunbridge Wells, Quay Place

Category: Historic Buildings, Overall Winner
Quay Place, Heritage & Wellbeing Centre, Ipswich (East of England)

A £5.1m scheme, led jointly by the Churches Conservation Trust and the mental health charity, Suffolk Mind, to rescue the Grade II* listed medieval church, St Mary at the Quay, transforming it into an inspirational wellbeing and heritage centre.
Nominated by Civic Voice member, The Ipswich Society

Category: Historic Buildings, Highly Commended
Sunbridge Wells, Bradford (Yorkshire & The Humber)

A unique project which has brought a long-forgotten network of historic tunnels underneath Bradford city centre back to life, into a subterranean leisure complex of independent boutique shops, café bars and craft market stalls.
Nominated by Civic Voice member, Bradford Civic Society

Category: Historic Buildings, Highly Commended
Winton Chapel, University of Winchester (South East)

A contemporary renovation, re-ordering and extension of a Victorian Gothic Revival chapel, to create a modern and multi-functional place of worship, social and meeting space designed to sit as a small ‘jewel’ in the heart of the university campus.
Nominated by Civic Voice member, City of Winchester Trust

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